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At the risk of being chided for being off the genealogy topic...
They're not cheap! Ballpark costs: A brand new stripped down microfilm
reader (only) can be purchased for about $2000. A brand new reader/PRINTER
may be double/triple that, depending on brand. Add another est. $250 for a
motorized film advance/rewind. Multiple lenses abt. $100/ea (for those of us
who have trouble with our eyes). And the ultimate machine would be the one
that some LDS FHCs have that write(copy) to your CD.
Used/Refurbished units outfitted as above are like hens teeth. Used
Microfiche-only readers seem to be readily obtainable. (I hope everyone
knows the difference between fiche and film.)
I've seen all-manual units on various auction sites that might fit the
at-home genealogist's projects, but they're not fast enough/sturdy enough
for a library setting, obviously. The machine cost is significant, but then
again so is the film. Which in a library setting has to be "controlled

My library has told me they keep $500 in reserve for maintenance visits on
their older reader/printer. And I know they're in the market for a
refurbished one.

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> Thanks, Claudia, for the information. Does any other museum/library have
> the newspaper microfilm, that you know of?
> What is the going price of a "reader" these days?
> Patti
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