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Subject: [ALL] Alexander and Annie Geurin
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 23:41:49 EDT


Alexander and Annie Geurin (Guerin) were living in Steubenville OH on the
1870 Census. Some of their children were later farmed out to be raised by

Alexander was found on the 1880 Census in Denver CO. Annie was not.

Annie had a 2nd marriage to James Leaman in September of 1881 in Pittsburgh
PA. So, Alexander Geurin was either deceased or Alex and Annie divorced
before this date.

1. Can someone please check to see if there was a divorce record for Alex
and Annie Geurin in the 1870s through September 1881.

2. Can someone please check to see if there was a death record for
Alexander Geurin in the 1870s and before September 1881.

If someone would volunteer to help me on this, I would pay for reasonable
expenses. If no one can volunteer to help me on this, can someone then
provide some guidance as to how I would do this research myself.

Thanks in advance.

George in CA

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