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Thanks for the input.

Grandpa was a private. I think he was a medic; at least he went to medical
school at University of Pitt. He was supposed to have taught at Pitt; maybe
as a doctoral student, not a full-time professor. He was valedictorian, but
I don't know if that was of his Wilkinsburg high school class or his
university of Pitt graduating class.

But while in the army stateside during WWI before deployed he was involved
in a car accident (I think with a cab; he might have been a pedestrian) and
told he would never walk again. So ended his military career.

But a chiropractor helped him walk so he changed his career from medical
doctor to chiropractor and had a practice in Wilkinsburg as Dr. Norman C.
Johnson Sr. from around 1920 to 1960. He lived at 600 Hampton Ave.,
Wilkinsburg and died in 1964.

I don't know who the photo is; I speculate it may be grandpa. All my
pictures of him are when he was older.

Bill Johnson

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Date: 4/18/2010 8:44:24 PM
Subject: Re: [ALL] Old soldier photograph


That uniform was in use during a time period after the Civil War and
before World War Two. It most likely was a World War One uniform. I have a
picture of another person in uniform during WWI, and other than for the hat
coat/jacket appears to be identical.

There was no rank on his uniform, so he was probably a Private.

George Hoyt in CA


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