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From: "Lisa Young" <>
Subject: [ALL] INDEXING, Pittsburgh, The Gazette Times, 6-5-1906
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 11:44:13 -0500

Last, first, age, location, date of death

Died, page 7, 6-5-1906

EVANS, Anna, 56, Stowe Twp, 6-4-1906

EUWER, Archie Lloyd, 18, no location, 6-4-1906

HOPE, Robert Acheson, 76, Irwin, 6-3-1906

HUFF, Henry, 76, East Pittsburgh, 6-4-1906

LOWRIE, Andrew, 77, no location, 6-4-1906

LYONS, Agnes Bishop, 54, no location, 6-3-1906

MARTIN, William Thomas, 46, no location, 6-4-1906

O'LEARY, Arthur, no age, East Pittsburgh, 6-3-1906

PURNELL, Annie C. Verner, no age, no location, 6-2-1906

SCHWARTZ SR, Nicholas, 84, Pittsburgh, 6-4-1906

STEGER, Henry, 70, Carrick Borough, 6-2-1906

WOLFE, Ada Elinor, 13 mos, no location, 6-3-1906

WYBOUGH, Margaret E.(nee McLaughlin), 51, no location, 6-4-1906
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The death roll, page 7, 6-5-1906

MORRISON, Dr John, 48, Washington PA, no death date

SCHWARTZ SR, Nicholas, 84, Pittsburgh, 6-4-1906

FISCHER, Charles J., 57, Allentown, 6-3-1906

HOUSEMAN, Harriet Patton, 83, Greensburg, May, 1906

BARRY, William A., 52, Swissvale, 6-4-1906

MORROW, Marcus Acheson, 26, Doncaster, England, 6-2-1906

DONOVAN, Joseph P., 30, no location, 6-4-1906

MCDONALD SR, Robert A., 79, Homestead, no death date
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Marriage licenses, page 7, 6-5-1906, all issued 6-4-1906

SMITH, James, Pittsburgh and MALLEN, Carrie, Pittsburgh

WOODYARD, James S., Pittsburgh and GILMAN, Francis C., Pittsburgh

BARR, William, Pittsburgh and BLACK, Eleanor, Pittsburgh

CONWAY, Francis, Pittsburgh and GILHERT, Catherine, Pittsburgh

THOMPSON, William T., Pittsburgh and GARRY, Edna, Pittsburgh

THOMPSON, William F., Pittsburgh and DIEHL, Ida S., Pittsburgh

DAVIS, Walter M., Pittsburgh and ??, Florence, Pittsburgh

CLARK, John H., Pittsburgh and ??, Genevieve M., Pittsburgh

FROMBERRY, John, Pittsburgh and GASS, Margaret, Pittsburgh

DIGGS, Ernest E., Pittsburgh and GORDON, Georgia A., Pittsburgh

MURPHY, John A., Pittsburgh and MCCARTHY, Anna, Pittsburgh

BRYSON, William J., Pittsburgh and BLAIR, Rebecca C., Pittsburgh

SHIELDS, Joseph C., Pittsburgh and HEDRICK, Dorothy, Pittsburgh

BENSON, Ruben, Pittsburgh and MILLER, Alice H., Pittsburgh

GORAN, Patrick, Pittsburgh and FIVAN, Mary, Pittsburgh

HALLI, Peter J., Pittsburgh and KRESS, Elizabeth A., Pittsburgh

GRANT, A.F., Pittsburgh and RUSSELL, Lillian F. Pittsburgh

MCEVOY, Walter S., Allegheny and MILLER, Mayme, Allegheny

VALENTINE, Joshua, Allegheny and SMALLWOOD, Rosanna, Allegheny

COWAN, James H., Wheeling WV and PFINGST, Helen S., Wheeling, WV

KENDALL, Oscar, Unity and BARNETT, Ida, Unity

REICH, Anthony, St Clair Twp and FRIES, Mary, St Clair Twp

JOHNSTON, Thomas A., Oakdale and HECTER, Minnie, Oakdale

TYRRELL, Oscar, Homestead and HIBLER, Iva, Homestead

SCHUBERT, Joseph, Heidelberg and Hartz, Ida B., Heidelberg

CONNELLY, William, Swissvale and WENTZEL, Lillian, Swissvale

CALDMAN, Edward J., Allegheny and MARTIN, Mary D., Pittsburgh

RAPP, Andrew, Allegheny and REER, Elizabeth, West View

MILLETT, Percy, Pittsburgh and ANCHORS, Daisy, Armstrong Co

ASH, Charles, West Etna and DAVIS, Hazele W., Pittsburgh

GALLAGHER, Joseph, Pittsburgh and NEVERKA, Barbara, Avalon

SIMON, Edward W., Chicago IL, ROTH, Emma C., Allegheny

TRAINER, William, Boston MA and WILLIAMS, Daisy D., Detroit MI

KELLY, Charles B., Philadelphia and PETERS, Mary M., Pittsburgh

HEADINGS, Prentis M., Lewistown and HAYS, Stella, Homestead

ELLSWORTH, Norman, Allegheny and OURSLEY, Anna, Pittsburgh

WILLIG, Alfred A., Sheridan and RESENBERGER, Elizabeth, McKees Rocks

ROSSER, Thomas, Turtle Creek and CONLEY, Marie, Pittsburgh

GILBERT, James, Sharpsburg and JONES, Jessie M., Pittsburgh

GREINER, Fred, Ross Twp. and HAAG, Mary, Allegheny

FRAMPTON, Albert S., Chicago IL and GOODCHILD, Anna M., Pittsburgh

KANNEY, William, Greensburg and GALLAGHER, Sarah, Pittsburgh
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Deaths in nearby towns, page 2, 6-5-1906

WORK, Margaret, 92, Indiana PA, no death date

MILLER, William, 46, Nottingham Twp., no death date

THOMPSON, William E., 54, East Liverpool, 6-3-1906

COTTERREL, John F., 40, Waynesburg, 6-4-1906

JAMES, Sarah, 55, Greenville, no death date

KENNEDY, Mary, no age, Slippery Rock Twp., 6-4-1906
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Engineer kills himself, page 2, 6-5-1906

GILLELAND, David P., no age, Fayette City, 6-3-1906

Drowns herself..., page 2, 6-5-1906

WEBBER, Mrs William, no age, Beaumont TX, 6-3-1906

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