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From: "Lisa Young" <>
Subject: [ALL] INDEXING, Pittsburgh, The Gazette Times, 6-8-1906
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 17:20:56 -0500

Last, first, age, location, date of death

Died, page 6, 6-8-1906

BOWDEN, Margaret (nee Johnson), no age, Arnold PA, 6-7-1906

CONKEL, Margaret J., 75, no location, 6-7-1906

ESTERHAMMER, Charles Ludwig, 16, no location, 6-6-1906

GARBART, Amelia J., no age, West End, 6-6-1906

HAZLEY, Frederick, 72, no location, 6-7-1906

MULVIHILL, Patrick J., 38, Arnold PA, 6-7-1906

JONES, Thomas O'Conor, 38, Hotel Schenley, 6-5-1906

LODER, Robert Charles, no age, Pittsburgh, 6-5-1906

MCQUISTON, Bryce, 80, no location, 6-5-1906

SCHWARTZ SR, Nicholas, 84, Pittsburgh, 6-4-1906

STOUGN, Ella Hughes, no age, no location, 6-5-1906
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The death roll, page 6, 6-8-1906

GARBART, Amelia L., ? age, Point Chatauqua, NY, 6-6-1906

MULVIHILL, Patrick J., 38, Arnold PA, 6-7-1906

O'CONNELL, Matthew, 77, Swissvale, no death date

CAMPBELL, Esther, 78, White Twp., no death date

SULLIVAN, Bridget, ?age, Sharpsburg, 6-7-1906
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Marriage licenses, page 6, 6-8-1906, all issued 6-7-1906

BURROWS, William P., Pittsburgh and NAPES, Bessie F., Pittsburgh

DERRICK JR, John, Pittsburgh and KEIDER, Lizzie, Pittsburgh

STROLHER, Christ, Pittsburgh and DADES, Jane, Pittsburgh

BYERS, John S., Allegheny and HERESKEN, Laura E., Allegheny

TAYLOR, Robert L., Allegheny and HOLLIN, Myrtle D., Allegheny

TRUSTEN, Thomas, Allegheny and MANDERSON, Bertha, Allegheny

ARNOLD, Frederick G., Allegheny and MOSER, Barbara, Allegheny

CARAHER, Vincent, McKeesport and WARNER, Elizabeth, McKeesport

RANKIN, M.J., Wilmerding and GILMARTIN, Elizabeth, Wilmerding

KLIEN, George W., Pittsburgh and WELGAND, Johanna, Mt Oliver

ELFINE, John F., Turtle Creek and PEARCE, Ida M., Wilmerding

ADAMS, Oscar W., Oakdale and LONGSTRETH, Ortha, Noblestown

HANLEY, Michael, Corapolis and O'BRIEN, Kate, Allegheny

SCHMACHER, Lewis, Wilkinsburg and SCHELLHAUS, Anna B., Pittsburgh

MCGEE, James, Oakmont and ALEXANDER, Anna B., PA
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