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From: "Lisa Young" <>
Subject: [ALL] INDEXING, Pittsburgh, The Gazette Times, 6-15-1906, Friday
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 18:31:15 -0500

Last, first, age, location, date of death

Died, page 6, 6-15-1906 Friday

BENDER, Blanche B., 19, no location, 6-14-1906

DICKEY, John Black, 53, Mars PA, 6-13-1906

GARRIGAN, Ambrose John, 28, Mercy Hospital, 6-13-1906

HACKE, Wilhelmina Margaret, 61, no location, 6-14-1906

LEECH, Maria B., no age, no location, 6-13-1906

MCCANDLESS, Frank G., 56, Tacoma, WA, 6-11-1906

MCKAIN, Jacob, 85, Aspinwall, 6-14-1906

MORGAN, Virgin M., 8, no location, 6-14-1906

MORRIS, James Lambertson, 51, no location, 6-12-1906

NELSON, David, 82, no location, 6-12-1906

PEARCE, Royal Earl, no age, Castle Shannon, 6-12-1906

SANDERS, Frederick, 37, no location, 6-13-1906

SCHUMM, Caroline K., 17, Oakland, 6-13-1906
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Marriage licenses, page 6, 6-15-1906, all issued 6-14-1906

GIBSON, Aaron, Pittsburgh and JOHNSON, Nannie, Pittsburgh

DUMIGAN, Hugh, Pittsburgh and CONNOR, Rebie, Pittsburgh

STILLWAGEN, Alex, Pittsburgh and CLARKE, Lily, Pittsburgh

TURERON, Garland, Pittsburgh and MORGAN, Ella M., Pittsburgh

PERKINS, William Lyle, Pittsburgh and BAINES, Cora R., Pittsburgh

FOWLER, Lorenzo, Pittsburgh and ENBANKS, Sallie, Pittsburgh

DUGAN, James S., Pittsburgh and LEPPER, Catherine, Pittsburgh

UPHOFF, J.H., Pittsburgh and SCHUSTER, Regina, Pittsburgh

MARLIN, William H., Pittsburgh and SPERLING, Josanna F., Pittsburgh

VOGELEY, Henry J., Allegheny and DOHN, Mary, Allegheny

DORSEY, John A., Allegheny and BARBER, Pearl, Allegheny

O'KEEFE, Luke, Allegheny and BAZEL, Mary, Allegheny

ARTHUR, Mack, Allegheny and BRADLEY, Bessie, Allegheny

HUCKEL, Carl F., Allegheny and NEWBERGER, Clara A., Allegheny

SCANNELL, Daniel J., Allegheny and SCHWARTZMAN, Nannie, Allegheny

WIDDERSCHEIM, Henry P., Johnstown and STAHL, Emma, Johnstown

MASON, James, Coraopolis and BONNER, Lulu, Coraopolis

BODEN, William H., Turtle Creek and HARTMAN, Bertha E., Turtle Creek

DOWNING, C.A., Pitcairn and DOUGHERTY, M.J., Pitcairn

BRAGDON, J.H., Bellvue and QUAILL, Vena R., Bellvue

EDMOUNDS, Thomas, Carnegie and PETERS, Gertrude, Carnegie

MORGAN, H.R., Pittsburgh and SHADE, Amelia K., Aspinwall

WHITE, William, Brideville and MCFARLANE, Catherine, Ewingville

RIDDLE, Elmer W., Wilkinsburg and ROTH, Evaline, Pittsburgh

EBERTS, Edgar J., Swissvale and MIRSOLD, Minnetta, Wilkinsburg

LUTHER, George P., Pittsburgh and ECHELMEYER, Anna, Arnold

WHITE, Alfred J., Pittsburgh and CRAIG, Susie, Coraopolis

SCHROTT, William M., Wilkinsburg and CAMPBELL, Kizzie, Oakmont

PATTERSON, Robert C., Georgetown CO and MCLEAN, Sarah B., Wilkinsburg

PORR, Edward L., Pittsburgh and KUEHN, Caroline, Allegheny
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Gets Poison In Milk, page 2, 6-15-1906

HENDERSON, William, 68, Ellwood City, 6-14-1906
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