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From: "Lisa Young" <>
Subject: [ALL] INDEXING, Pittsburgh, The Gazette Times, 6-17-1906, Sunday
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 20:07:10 -0500

Last, first, age, location, date of death

Died, page 2, 6-17-1906 Sunday

HARNETT, Georgie, 4, no location, 6-16-1906

HICKEY, Margaret Agnes Kirby, no age, Pittsburgh, 6-16-1906

NICOLS, Parshall D., 81, no location, 6-16-1906

ZAHNISER, Anna Mary, no age, no location, 6-16-1906
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Died, page 5, 6-17-1906

ALEXANDER, Thomas, 83, Bridgeville PA, 6-16-1906

BOYD SR, Thomas M., 63, no location, 6-16-1906

CUNNINGHAM, Bert S., 27, no location, 6-16-1906

DUFFY, Albert A., 25, no location, 6-14-1906

GALLAGHER, Agnes A., no age, no location, 6-14-1906

HENRICKS, William H., 53, no location, 6-15-1906

HOAG JR, Capt, I.V., no age, no location, 6-15-1906

HUGHES, Richard Everett, 37, no location, 6-16-1906

JAMES, John, ??age, no location, 6-14-1906

LOGAN, Eliza Jane, 83, no location, 6-15-1906

MCCLELLAND, Mamie, 10, Coraopolis, 6-16-1906

MCMILLEN, E. Burtt, 37, no location, 6-16-1906

MILFORD, Anthonetta C., 22, no location, 6-15-1906

POWELL, William Irvin, 10 mos, no location, 6-15-1906

SMITH, Harry G., 26, Pittsburgh, 6-16-1906

ROSE, Katherine (nee Witz), 45, no location, 6-14-1906
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Marriage licenses, page 5, 6-17-1906, all issued 6-16-1906

SANDERS, Charles H., Pittsburgh and PUTNAM, Bertha, Pittsburgh

KAISER, Henry, Pittsburgh and MILLER, Mary, Pittsburgh

JOHNSON, Anton, Pittsburgh and ANDERSON, Emma, Pittsburgh

GIBSON, Roland A., Pittsburgh and JEREMIAH, Laura M., Pittsburgh

REDERER, Edward, Allegheny and MESSMER, Lizzie, Allegheny

KEERBEN, Fred, Duquesne and HUGHES, Mattie E., Duquesne

HUNT, William E., Toledo OH and RHOADES, Harriet, Toledo OH

PATTON, R.W., Wick Haven and STEVENSON, Maggie, Rostravor Twp

SMITH, Frank, Pittsburgh and FRANK, Augusta, Millvale

RUFF, Guy M., Los Angeles CA and ISHERWOOD, Katherine, Pittsburgh

PERKINS, George W., McKeesport and HARPER, Lucy M., Dayton OH

LIVESAY, George, North Braddock and DAVIS, Elizabeth, Pittsburgh

LYNN, Joseph F., Wilkinsburg and CORNELIUS, Sarah E., Pittsburgh

PITTS, Garfield, East Pittsburgh and STARKEY, Bertha, Clarksburg WV

BRUDER, Edward, Allegheny and WILSON, Mamie M., Murdockville

LINGO, James E., Pittsburgh and WOODLING, Martha, Allegheny
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Foul ball kills..., page 1, 6-17-1906

PETERSON, Arthur, 12, New Castle, 6-16-1906
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