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Could you see this??
Collection Mount Troy UCC (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Abstract The Mount Troy UCC collection consists of:
Folder 1
Confirmations, 1926-1998
Object ID Church RG 079
Object Name Records - Allegheny County
Title Mount Troy UCC (Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pa.)

Last modified on: July 02, 2009

I couldn't use the links at the bottom of the page to go back to the HOME
page so I couldn't see where this came from. But you can see there is an
email address, although, last updated in 2009. This is the email extension
for Lancaster Theological Seminary.

Mailing Address:
Lancaster Theological Seminary
555 West James Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: 800-393-0654 or 717-393-0654
Fax: 717-393-4254
General email:

If you make contact let us know what you find out. If you need to see the
contents of other boxes tell me which ones.


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I found several congregations in and nearby Allegheny County that
interested me, but I did not find where I could locate specific information.
Could any of you call up that "boxed data" from the site. These were all
former German Reformed or Evangelical and Reformed congregations -- most
gone but some now United Church of Christ congregations --- are these
"boxes" stored in some archives in a UCC related college or historical

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