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From: "Rita Ramirez" <>
Subject: [ALL] Passenger List / Naturalization records in Allegheny CourtHouse for Jacob Schwartz
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 09:45:26 -0600

I have managed to locate the Naturalization records online thru Ancestry for
Jacob Schwartz and it shows his application was submitted on 6 April 1889
and his Petition and Naturalization was done on 14 Jan 1893. Does anyone
know if any of these records specify where they came from in Germany?

I have followed the trail on the census records and did a +/- 2 years and
was able to locate the naturalization record that way. The birthday
information was not helpful at all, while the census records show he came to
America in 1885 and the other one shows 1886. So far I cannot locate him on
the passenger lists. Any ideas???


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