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From: (geri brennan)
Subject: Re: [PABERKS] Re: Hain/Haines
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 16:12:44 -0500 (EST)
In-Reply-To: D Ernest Weinhold <>'s message of Sat, 16Nov 2002 12:58:02 -0500

Hi, I'm sending this for your files.

Rev. War (pensions)
Weinnan, Philiip, MD Line, soldier was born 10 March 1754 near
"Redding", PA and he lived near Little York, PA at enlistment Applied at
Hagerstown, MD

Weinond, John or as John Weinand, srv. as a Pvt.. German Bttn of Cont.

Bedminister, Bucks County, PA
jacob Wenhold, a dau. Anna Catharine, Nov 10, 1772, sp John Adam Schuts

Henry Wenhold and Elizabeth Shutz, sp. for baby Sellers, (Alexander) son
of Peter, born 1816

Adam Wagener to Elizabeth Wehnhold, Dec 17, 1795

Jacob Althouse to Magdalenna Wenhold, Sept 26, 1818

Philip Ott, to Susanna Winhold, March 22, 1847

May 17, 1776 died Maria Angela Wienholt, age 69y 7m

1808, no date, Old widow Wenhold

Oct 28, 1817 John Wenhold age 38 years

Nov 9, 1851 Jacob Winhold, age 55y 9m 21d

Jacob and Susanna Winhold, sp to Abraham, son of Abraham Trumbauer, born
Nov 15, 1786

Abraham Winhold and Magadalena Dreisbach, sp to Maria Magdalena Blanck,,
d/o Michael

Henry Nees and Catharine Winhold, sp to Henry, s/o John Nees, 1794, Dec

Abraham Wenhold and wife Mgt., a son, Jacob,born Feb 16, 1796, sp Jacob

Abraham and Mgt., a dau., Magdalena, Feb 28 1798, sp Jacob Bender

Abraham and Mgt. Wenholt, a dau., Eliza, born March 5, 1800, sp. Jacob
Wenholt and Eliza Bender

Abraham and Mgt Wenholt, a son, Isaac, born Feb 17 1802 sp Jacob Wenholt
and Magdalena "Benner"

Henry Beener and Barbara Wenholt, sp. to Henry Benner, s/o Henry and
Catharine Benner

Jacob Wenholt and Catharine, a son John, born Nov 12, 1803, sp John

Jacob Wenholt and Catharine, a dau, Anna Maria, born Aug 20, 1805, sp.
John Adam Wenholt

Jacob and Catharine, a son Henry, born Nov 8, 1814

Indexed as Weienholt
George Wambolt and wife Margaret, a dau, Hannah, born Feb 20, 1819

Henry Wenholt and Elizabeth, a dau., Maria Anna born Dec 18, 1819

Tobias Wambolt and Elizabeth, a son, Jacobus, born May 10, 1823, sp.
Abraham Wenholt.

Henry Wenholt, a son, Samuel, born Jan 23, 1826, sp Samuel Wambolt

Thomas Winold, to Magdalana Gerhard,, July 2, 1826

Best Wishes, Geri

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