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From: "Diana Quinones" <>
Subject: Re: Jacob Hill in Oley vs. Maxatawny vs. Richmond
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 15:15:09 -0500
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According to email that Leon Borst had sent last week........on 6/8:

Jacob Hill's land was surveyed on 25 Apr 1739 (Survey No. C - 67- 232) and
contained 200 Acres. According to the survey, it was situated on a branch of
the Maiden Creek. I'm in the process of compiling a connected draughs map
for Windsor Township (which includes present day Perry) and it looks like
Jacob Hill's land was about 1 1/2 miles west of Virginville, partially in
present day Windsor and partially in present day Perry and situated along a
creek that empties into the Maiden Creek about 1/4 mile below Virginville.
To better locate this property, one would have to use the current Tax Map
(located at the Berks County Court House) and compare it to a connected
draughts map.

Jacob's neigbors were: George Hardman (C-86-88); Christian Housknecht
(A-49-136 & A-49-137); Jacob Stinger (C-204-207); Michael Howard (C-78-267).

Notes I have:
Letters of Adm. to Ann Elizabeth Hill, Co. of Philadelphia, widow
of Jacob Hill, deceased, 9 Aug 1739. Inventory apparantly done on ( 18 July 1739).

(This information shows a survey was done a few months before his death. Estate file probated in 8/1739, inventory in 7/26/1739 suggests he died shortly before this date.)

14 May 1774 - Settlement of Jacob Hill Estate (Upon death of Elizabeth Hill - wife).

Identified children as (Johann) Daniel, Frederick, John (Jacob) , (Maria) Christina, (Ann) Elizabeth, and Ann (Hannah Marta). Release of property claim to John Hill for 160 Pounds, 10 Shillings on 14 May 1774. An additional 400 Pounds was paid by John Hill on 1 May 1775 to secure ownership of 200 acre estate. Recorded 26 July 1779 (Berks County, Volume 7, Page 85).
It seems that his son John HILL secured the land for ownership in 1775.

Could there be another Jacob HILL in the Maxatawny area then? Or did this Jacob HILL have a survey done in 1739 and was living in Maxatawny area before then? Maxatawny was a district before it was officially a township in 1742. The 1734 Landholders book has a map of the taxable areas of Phila Co then, and both Colebrookdale and Maxatawny were called districts.

Maxatawny; settled 1732; incorporated Sept. 6, 1742 while part of Philadelphia Co.
Windsor; settled 1740; incorporated 1752.
Perry; settled 1735; incorporated 1852 from Windsor Twp., made a separate election district in 1821.
District; incorporated 1759 from Oley & Colebrookdale Twps.
Oley; settled 1700; incorporated Sept. 1, 1740 while part of Philadelphia Co.
Colebrookdale; settled 1720; incorporated Sept. 7, 1741 while part of Philadelphia Co.


Still unanswered questions re this Jacob HILL and where he was before 4/1739 survey.

Regarding the 'other' Jacob HILL, died 1770 in Western District, wife Catharine: There is a cemetery reading for him at Old St Paul's in Amity showing b 1704 - 2/22/1770 in 'Epitaphs' book.

His widow died 1790 per this:
Wills Abstracts:
Catharine Hill, 5/10/1790, Berks Co., admin to John Kerlin of Amity, son-in-law.

Administration bond for estate of Catharine Hill, deceased.
On the tenth of May 1790 John Kirlin (Kerlin) of Amity Township in Berks County, son in law of Catherine Hill, late of Berks County, widow, deceased, took out a bond with John Egle and John Spohn, both of the borough of Reading, in the said county, yeomen, for six hundred pounds.

Diana in AL

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Subject: Re: Jacob Hill in Oley vs. Maxatawny vs. Richmond

Maybe varying locations for Jacob HILL involve the changing names of
townships & counties:
Maxatawny incorporated 6 Sept 1742 while part of Phila Co
Richmond incorporated 1752/1755 along with or shortly after Berks Co
was formed.
Perhaps the land owned by Jacob HILL moved officially from Maxatawny
into Richmond because the new twp was formed.

Jacob HILL in Oley has been suggested to be the one who in 1735 sold
his land in Towamencin and moved to Oley, but not the same man as the
Jacob in Maxatawny/Richmond who died 1739.
Oley Twp wasn't incorporated until 1 Sept 1740, but while part of
Philadelphia Co, & became part of new Berks Co 1752. What years did
Jacob HILL in Oley hold land & pay taxes there? After 1739? How is he
related to the Jacob K. HILL b. 22 May 1785, d. 23 Aug 1856, buried at
Oley Cemetery with wife Anna Maria b. 23 Feb 1786, d. 18 June 1869?

Jan B.

> Jacob HILL - Towamencin, 100 acres ... sold his land in Towamencin in
> 1735 and located to now Berks Co.
> Jacob HILL - Maxatawny - no land acerage shown as the disctrict had no
> constable ...
> - a diff. Jacob! [?]

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