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From: "geri brennan" <>
Subject: Re: [PABERKS] Lynn posting
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 17:23:50 GMT

hi, i have so much stuff around here, and i don't use a computer. as for great swamp, my youngest daughter used to live a 1/4 of a mile from the church. you won't be disappointed with your visit.

ship lists
linn (lin, lynn, lint)
jacob-714-sally, 23 oct 1767, jacob linn

johann nikel-(nicholas) 556-windsor-26 sept. 1753, nicholas linn, b. list, johann nikel lin

johanes (johannes) 629-phoenix, 1754 included, adam miller, johannes lint, frederick miller, mathis miller, conrad kern, jacob fries, frederick christian, henry sax, wendel krim, daniel smith, christop miller, jacob miller

philip henry, 522-edinburg, 14 sept, 1753 included, peter miller, johannes miller, abram miller, jacob braun, conrath klein, jacob miller, johan christpof maurer, henry lynn, petter klein, philip weber, justus henrich weber, johan willem waber, johan ullrich waber,

valentin 734-minerva, 17th sept 1771, valentine linn

s.w. germany to america
linn, johan niklas-hachenbach, 1753

linn, peter-hacheberg-1739

linn, philip henrich-contwig-1753

linn, philip henrich-contwig-1764

phila. co.-births
johann adam 10 0ct 1758, joseph and catharine barbara

john ca march 1738, john and elisabeth

bridget, 17 march 1768, george and loets

montgomery co.
george felix, 3 aug 1769, felix and jacobina

anna maria 26 dec 1740, peter and margretha

henry (t) 4 april 1795, jacob and elisabeth
joseph (t) same

peter bp 3 may 1761, felix and jacobina

theobald bp 14 oct 1759 peter and anna margaretha

lehigh co
john philip 27 feb 1788 felix and catharine
jonathan ca 1776 docter and -

anna maria 10 nov 1772 peter and catharin

catharine ca 1766 felix and jacobina

elisabeth ca 1777 john and -

gertrude ca1770 petrus and -

jacobus ca 1779 john and -

johannes ca 1774 felix and -

johannes ca 1772 john and -

john, 1 june 1755 peter and catharine

peter 9 feb 1782 hanes and anna maria

wilhelm 8 sept 1783 hannes and anna maria

northampton co
anna elizabeth 23 jan 1792 john and anna cath.

johannes 19 dec 1783 johannes and anna cath

catharine and mary susanna, 8 sept 1785, johannes and anna cath

johann peter 27 oct 1787, johannes and anna cath.

andreas 15 june 1798 johan and cath

catharina 9 aug 1799 same parents

dr. felix linn was a resident of what is now lower milford twp. some time prior to 1784, as in that year he sold a farm of 155 acres, which he bought of his father peter linn, several years previous.

lower saucon twp.
dr. feliz, s/o peter and margaret (brunner) born in upper milford twp. 8 july 1740, died 9 jan 1809. children; dr. george felix, peter, jonathan, margaret beaver, catharine green, dewalt. peter lynn, the father came to america from hanau in 1734; he married a d/o felix brunner of montgomeryco and died in 1761. feliz settled in lower saucon in 1784, elisabeth the 2nd wf of felix 23 oct 1754.
brother, michael olawine, sisters barbara wf of nicholas kern, susanna, wf of jaco walb
catharine, born 9 april 1767, died 15 may, 1804
peter, born 12 feb 1769, died 30 sept 1844
children; joseph, lydia, george, catharine wf of peter kock, john, peter, elisabeth wf of jacob kline, susanna wf of antony kock
susanna his wf born 25 jan 1771, died sept 20, 1851

lynn, jacobina, 22 oct 1730-1801

blue ch.
lynn, peter born 12 dec 1778, died 24 oct 1847

rev. war vets-burials
david, linn cem. ga

james, oak spring, pa

john, center, perry co., pa

john, mifflinburg cem. mifflinburg, pa

john, old fouders, cambridge, ohio

john, old oxford cem, oxford, n.j

joseph, yellow frame, hope, n.j

martin, prob. near tipton, ia

william, carisle, pa

william, center ch. cem. near loysville, perry co., pa

william fam. cem. glady creek, union disct.

william sr. morgantown, va

david, frederick, md

james, fam. grave yard, mc lean co., ky

john, frederick, md

john, hardyston twp., n.j

joseph, sussex co., n.j.

Best Wishes, Geri

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