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From: "Frank Bobak" <>
Subject: PABLAIR Archie Claar Obituary Collection, 1945, Vol 50, page 24 & 25
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008 09:13:05 -0500

If you would like a scanned copy of these obituaries please contact me
directly or Carol Eddleman.

Archie Claar Obituary Collection, 1945, Vol 50, page 24

Porter, Harry, s/o Albert and Ellen (Higgenbathan) Porter; b: 23 Nov 1891 in
Hazel, Cheshire, England; m: Laura Goodrich, 26 May 1910; ch: Mrs. Robert
Chisholm, Mrs. William Dishong, Harry Porter, Jr., Gerald Porter; sib:
Walter Porter, Albert Porter, Martha Porter, Mrs. Norman Ritchey, Mrs. John
Isel, Mrs. Charles Herrington, Mrs. George Foor, Mrs. Ellen Morris; d: 6 Sep
1945 in Everett; bur: Reformed Church Cemetery, Yellow Creek.

Pletcher, Sadie, d/o Ludwig and Susana (Bungard) Miller; b: 11 Oct 1869 in
Fayette County; m: Adam Pletcher, d: abt 1942 (calc); ch: Mrs. Harry
Gardner, Clarence Pletcher; sib: Mrs. Lizzie Pletcher; d: Oct 1945.

Pepley, Forrest T, s/o David and Mabel Pepley; b: 17 Mar 1910 in Johnstown;
m: Betty Bushwach; sib: Merle Pepley, Mrs. Bessie Deaner, Mrs. Ralph
Burkhart; d: Aug 1945 in Bristol.

Poorman, Lucy B, d/o Philip and Eliza (Watson) Brower; b: 23 Nov 1870 in
Union Twp.; m: Thomas A Poorman; sib: Martin Brower, Mrs. Emma Reese, Mrs.
Sadie Alexander; d: Oct 1945 in Runville.

Pennock, Bertha, d/o David K and Anna Rebecca (Knight) Ramey; b: 25 Sep 1865
in Altoona; m: William Lloyd Pennock, d: 1929; ch: Henry H Pennock, Eugene R
Pennock; sib: Mrs. John S Fair, Mrs. R.M. Snyder, Mrs. W.L. Nicholson; d:
Oct 1945, bur: Greenwood Cemetery.

Pick, Jesse Dean, s/o Henry and Minnie (Foote) Pick; b: abt 1897 (calc); m:
Gladys Mae Leydig; sib: James Pick, Hazel Pick; d: Oct 1045 in Gravel Pit;
bur: Madley Cemetery.

Archie Claar Obituary Collection, 1945, Vol 50, page 25

Parshall, Harry G; b: abt 1882 (calc); d: 5 Oct 1945 in Bedford.

Petak, Stephen; b: 11 Aug 1878 in Slovakia; m: Johanna Petak, 1902; ch:
Joseph Petak, Stephen Petak Jr., Mrs. Anna Kendrach, Mrs. Elizabeth Macko,
Mrs. Agnes Vargo, Mrs. Jennie Juna, Frank Petak, Mrs. Helen Legat; d: Oct
1945 in Johnstown; bur: St Francis Catholic Cemetery.

Plummer, Bray S, s/o John A and Mary (Ward) Plummer; b: 13 Jan 1894 in
Bitumen; m: Ruth Law; sib: Mrs. Aline McKeown, James W Plummer, Mrs. Grace
Deasey, Maurice W Plummer, Mrs. Ann Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Dickman, Mrs. Rose
Kachelries, John R Plummer; d: Oct 1945 in Juniata; bur: Crossroads
Cemetery, Warriors Mark.

Price, Calvin, s/o Lloyd A and Anne (Baker) Price; b: 19 Sep 1903; m: Anna
Seiber, 4 May 1925; ch: Robert C Price, Mrs. Clair Turnbaugh, Nancy Lee
Price, Beverly Ann Price; sib: Mrs. Dewey Barkley; d: Oct 1945 in

Pringle, Elwood S, s/o Paul and Camellia (Suder), d: 20 Sep 1945 Pringle; b:
4 Apr 1887 in Conemaugh; m: Rose Marie Milton, d: 20 Dec 1941; m: Myrtle
Truax; ch: Sister M Theodore Pringle, Mrs. Olive Milton, Margaret Pringle,
Richard E Pringle, Walter L Pringle, Charles Pringle, Elwood P Pringle, d: 5
Apr 1945; sib: C.F. Pringle, Wallace Pringle; d: Oct 1945 in Altoona; bur:
Brisbin I.O.O.F Cemetery, Clearfield County.

Phillips, Bertha, d/o Asa H Shuff; m: Herbert L Phillips; ch: Mrs. Marion
Appelbe, Mrs. Helen Donaldson, Mrs. Vivian Makewson, Mrs. Mary Whetson,
Herbert Phillips Jr.; sib: Mrs. Virginia Adams, Claude Shuff, Mrs. Elizabeth
Stauffer, Mrs. Marian Wetherell, Sheldon Shuff; d: Sept 1945 in New

Poliacek, John J; b: abt 1878 (calc) in Slovakia; m. Veronica Strizak; ch:
Mrs. Veronica Wilkinson, Mrs. Helen Brehm, Stephen Poliacek, Agens Poliacek,
Carl Poliacek, Josephine Poliacek; sib: Michael Poliacek, Mrs. Joseph
Mrenko, Sophia Poliacek; d: Sep 1945 in Johnstown; bur: St Stephen's

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