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From: "Brian L. Cartwright" <>
Subject: Re: Skelly
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 98 04:56:14 PST

> Hello David and Brian,
> I have just received a file on the Skelly's, from a cousin of mine
> on the Internet, that you two had put out on Pacambri on the descendents
> of Felix Skelly.
> I have not had the time to read the whole file, but just wanted to let
> youse guys know, here is one more Skelly for you. I am descendent from
> William Skelly, to Phillip Skelly, to Phillip (Felix) Skelly, to Hugh
> Skelly, to Rosalia Skelly married George Dunmire, then their son, John, my great
> grandfather, to my grandmother, Vera, married Ray S. Wolfe, and to their
> son, my father, Ray F. now,,,,,,,,, which ones are
> youns descendent from?
> --------------------Mary

Hi Mary (how can I tell your from our section of PA?)

Believe it or not, neither of of us descended from any Skellys! Dave is descended from Coons & Settlemyer, I from Coons, my wife from Setlemyer, so we share a lot of ancestry. Two days ago Dave posted an 1896 Bio that had the subject marrying a Mary Skelly, I commented to Dave that I had 5 Skelly marriages, but I couldn't link any of them together. He posted his descendants of Philip (felix), which included two of my five Skellys. Then he posted three more bios of Skellys, one of which married a Coons descendant, upping me to six marriages. I compared the descendant list & the info in the bios to what I had in my database and the St Michael's (Loretto) records (a purely academic pursuit, I didn't have to go to work yesterday, gave me something to do while my wife cooked and cleaned). Last night Dave sent me Skelly data from Ledoux's 'Catholic Vital Records'. I began sorting them, I will put them into family groups, looks like a should have a good picture of the Skelly descendants up to around 1850 or so.

If you could send me a gedcom (and/or printout) of your Skelly line, I will incorporate this in, and hopefully we will add to each other, and I can share the results with everyone on the mailing list (I'm only going to publicly post before the 20th century, so don't worry about any living folks)

Thanks very much (oh, and go Steelers!)

Brian Cartwright
Manassas Park VA

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