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From: Jeannette <>
Subject: [PACAMBRI] children of James/Elisabeth Weakland
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 11:53:52 -0500
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Sharon and Debbie,
Thanks for your responses regarding the children of James and Elisabeth
Weakland. I've typed in below the pertinent entries from the records of
St. Benedict's, Carrolltown. Since Agnes was baptised in April 1853 and
Elmira wasn't born until November of that year, they couldn't have been
twins. But, of course, Sharon, as there is no birth date given for
Agnes, it's not only possible but quite probable that she was born
earlier. I just didn't have my thinking cap on at the time! Thanks for
clearing my head.

CATHOLIC VITAL RECORDS, Ledoux, Vol.111, p219:
4948 Weakland, Francisca Elmira (Jacobi/Elizabethae Luther) b. 11-09
bp. 11-20-1853 gp: Franciscus Luther/Margaretha Weakland

CVR, Vol.111, p228 (among baptisms apparently performed at St.
Joseph's, Hart's Sleeping Place, the records inserted into registry at
St. Benedict's):
5148 Weakland, Agnetem (Jacobo/Elisabetha) b. omitted bp. 04-no
day-1853 gp: Jacobo & Sarah Weakland.

I have absolutely no record of a Bertha, Debbie. Below is the listing
for Elisabeth and her children I found in the 1860 census.
1860 Census, Carrolltown, Cambria Co.:
(Dwelling 1533)
Weakland, Elizabeth30Seamstress$500/200
Mary J. 9in school
Amelia 8in school
Elmira 6in school

As for Lucinda, surely some Luther, Weakland or Buck researcher has a
record of a Lucinda Weakland marrying a Buck sometime in the 1870's or
early 1880's. I feel fairly sure she belongs to another Weakland


> In a message dated 4/6/00 1:30:56 PM !!!First Boot!!!,
> writes:
> > 5148 Weakland, Agnetem (Jacobo/Elisabetha) b. omitted bp.
> > 04-no
> > day-1853 gp: Jacobo & Sarah Weakland.
> >
> > I can only assume the James and Elisabeth Weakland listed
> > here are a
> > different couple, unless this child died prior to 1860 and
> > Elmira (also born in 1853) was
> > born very prematurely.
> >
> Jeanette,
> Just to play devils advocate, supposing that this child (Bap. 4/1853)
> was a little bit older when Baptised for some reason? Just a thought:)
> Sincerely, Sharon Lantzy Wygant
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