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From: "Laura Curry" <>
Subject: [PACAMBRI] Fw: 1830-1840 Census information
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 15:43:53 -0400

Brian and list,

First I would like to commend you and your co-workers on the 1830 & 1840
Cambria County transcriptions. I think I've got some new leads now on my
Cambria County ancestors, tho there is still a lot of fuzzy information.

Here's the updated information and maybe someone else can fill in the
missing pieces.

Those of you who have been around for a while know I've been looking for
parents of John Porter b. 1819 PA Who was the father of my ggrandfather
Abraham Barker Porter b. 5/20/1866

I have found the following information from Cambria Co., Census records, and
would like to know if anyone is familiar with the families here:


Porter Widow 40-50 (Sarah in 1840?)
2 males 10-15 (My John? and possibly Thomas from the 1840?)
1 female 15-20 (most likely married by the 1840 census)


Sarah Porter bet. 50-60 (b. 1780-1790)
1 male 10-15 (b.1825-1830) (not sure why he is not on the 1830 census)
1 male 20-30 (b.1810-1820) --- This fits the age range of my John Porter

Thomas Porter bet. 20-30 (b.1810-1820) -- Possible brother to John? Also is
this the Thomas Porter mentioned in the biography section as Thomas H.
Wife bet. 20-30
1 male child 0-5 b.(1835-1840)

Here's my Porter information again if someone needs it or is interested.

Descendants of John Porter

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN2 PORTER (PORTER1) was born 1819 in PA, and died 1890 in Cambria
Co., PA. He married SARAH ANDERSON Abt. 1848. She was born 1827 in PA, and
died 1867 in Cambria Co., PA.

2. i. JAMES A. PORTER, b. 1849, Cambria Co., PA.
ii. WILLIAM PORTER, b. 1851, Cambria Co., PA.
iii. ANDREW PORTER, b. 1854, Cambria Co., PA.
iv. DANIEL PORTER, b. 1856, Cambria Co., PA.
v. GIBSON PORTER, b. 1858, Cambria Co., PA.
vi. WINFIELD PORTER, b. 1858, Cambria Co., PA; d. Bef. 1870, Cambria Co.,
vii. ELLEN PORTER, b. 1860, Cambria Co., PA.
viii. MAY PORTER, b. 1862, Cambria Co., PA.
3. ix. ABRAHAM BARKER PORTER, b. May 20, 1866, Munster, Cambria Co., PA; d.
June 28, 1961, Amherstdale, Logan Co., WV.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES A.3 PORTER (JOHN2, PORTER1) was born 1849 in Cambria Co., PA. He
married ANABELLA UNKNOWN. She was born 1852 in Cambria Co., PA

i. LOUISA M.4 PORTER b. 1876, Cambria Co., PA
ii. SARAH R. PORTER b. 1875, Cambria Co., PA
iii. ANNIE L. PORTER b. July 1879, Cambria Co., PA

3. ABRAHAM BARKER3 PORTER (JOHN2, PORTER1) was born May 20, 1866 in
Munster, Cambria Co., PA, and died June 28, 1961 in Amherstdale, Logan Co.,
He married HARRIET FRANCES BROWNING July 1895 in Logan Co., WV, daughter of
HIRAM BROWNING and SARAH SMITH. She was born August 04, 1875 in Logan Co.,
WV, and died September 17, 1952 in Logan Co., WV

4. i. JOHN RANDOLPH4 PORTER, b. May 20, 1896; d. 1955.
5. ii. GOLDEN CLAUDE PORTER, b. February 07, 1899, Slagle, Logan Co., WV; d.
November 18, 1980, Man, Logan Co., WV.
6. iii. OLIVE PORTER, b. 1900.
iv. ESTHER PORTER, b. 1903; d. 1935 (Source: All.ftw, Date of Import: Jan
14, 2000.); m. HALL
7. v. WILMA PORTER, b. December 24, 1906, Coal River, Logan Co., WV; d.
January 27, 1989, Logan Co., WV.
8. vi. DELMA ERMA PORTER, b. October 19, 1909, Slagle, Logan Co., WV; d.
January 31, 1997, Roanoke, VA.
9. vii. HOWARD TAFT SR. PORTER, b. October 09, 1912, Slagle, Logan Co., WV;
d. July 17, 1989, Man, Logan Co., WV.
viii. JAMES A. PORTER, b. June 28, 1917; d. December 27, 1918
ix. GEORGE W. PORTER, b. May 12, 1919, Slagle, Logan Co., WV; d. February
03, 1970.


Laura Curry

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