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Subject: [PaCambri] more on the James Gang/Gallitzen feud
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 17:41:03 -0500

Brian refers to a petition signed by 112 MALE members of the parish.

More from Catholic Trails West vol 2:p. 647

James went to Baltimore to meet with Bishop Carroll armed with a petition asking for the Prince's removal.
The Prince counteracted with a petition dated April 24, 1807. The petition was read to the congregation and 112 male members of the parish stepped forward to sign it, including, not surprisingly, a great many of the pioneers from Conewago. According to the Prince's accompanying letter to the Bishop, even his "Protestant neighbors' had offered to sign the petition and some of them were converting to Catholicism. The legible signatures to the Gallitzen petition were:
Joseph LILLY, Jerry HURLEY, Nicholas BURKE, John BURKE, Dennis BRAWLEY, John WILL, Charles BRADLEY, John McGOUGH, John BURGOON, Archibald CHRISTY, John BRADDOCK, John MILLER, John CHRISTY, Henry GLASS, Jacob GLASS, Jr., George GLASS, Enos McMULLEN, Edward BRADLEY, James McGEEHAN, Peter SHORT, Stanislaus WHARTON, John GLASS, Barnabas LITTLE, Bernard McFEELEY, James GALLAGHER, Peter ROSSITER, Mathew McCUE, Michael MURPHY, William ADAMS, John BYRNE, Robert BURGOON, James McCLOSKEY, Patrick McCLOSKEY, Dennis LOGAN, John McAFEE, William BURKE, Timothy BARNICLE, Thomas LILLY, David MUSSELMAN, John DECKER, William GLASS, John NAGLE, Joseph GALLAGHER, Dennis McCLOSKEY, David RANKIN, Henry CONNERY, John SCANLAN, Joseph McGEEHAN, Jacob TROXEL, Michael MULLEN, Luke McGUIRE, John SHORT, John WEAKLAND, **JOHN PLATT** , Peter KELLER, Americus BENDER, Henry COOPER, Philip COOPER, James BURKE, John BECKER, Thomas BYRNE, Nicholas TRUCKS, George TRUCKS, Andrew SHERRY, Michael MURPHY, William!
WEAKLAND, James RASCH, Peter KERRIGAN,Jr., Henry KIMMONS, Dudley DIGGS, Henry LOSHER, Thomas B. DURBIN, Bazel DURBIN, Thomas DURBIN, Thomas CANTWELL, Patrick KERRIGAN, James LEAVY, John HOLLAND, Hugh MULLEN, Peter KERRIGAN, John STORM, John FELTZ, Richard NAGLE, Richard McGUIRE, Nicholas SHERRY, Charles DRISKEL, Jacob, YOST,Jr., John WELSH, John McCALLEY, Joseph DONNECKER, Jacob, NAGLE, Engelbert WALTERS, Anthony BEHE, Hugh LONG, William McCLOSKEY, Christian HEMLER, Nicholas NOEL, Michael SKELLY,Sr. and Jr., John SKELLY, Philip SKELLY, George KEECH, Patrick BURKE, John MURRAY, Ely McKINZIE, Jacob GLASS, John DIMOND, Daniel DIMOND Sr., and Jr., John McKINZIE, Philip DIMOND and Patrick DIMOND.
CTW by Edmund Adams and Barbara Brady O'Keefe

Jane Tripp
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