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From: "Brian L. Cartwright" <>
Subject: Re: [PaCambri] more on the James Gang/Gallitzen feud
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 21:49:50 -0400
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I've known this story, but looking at it again, and adding the court
records, some things are starting to click in my head.

My ancestor James L. McGuire was one of the three men who were victims of
assault and battery by a group of six, which included Richard McGuire.
James' brother Cornelius filed suit against the priest, Demetrius Gallitzin.
James and Cornelius are sons of Andrew McGuire of Maryland, and are not
connected to the larger family of Capt. Michael McGuire. My father told me
that his grandmother, Caroline "Carrie" (McGuire) Stevens, 1872-1952, did
some family research with her cousin Jane Fleck and concluded she was
related to Capt. Mike, but this was vigorously disputed by known descendants
of Capt. Mike - seemed like some kind of rivalry. Now I see my ancestors
were in the anti-Gallitzin faction, to the point of being physically beaten
by the pro-Gallitzin McGuires. Maybe, a hundred years later, they still
didn't take too kindly to being linked to my McGuires. This has had an
effect on my research, as none of my McGuires were baptized by Gallitzin
until almost 20 years after the feud, so that they are absent from the
parish registers for this period. A couple years ago Brenda Wallace and Lois
Stafford assisted me, and with the help of census records, were able to
establish my line.

Brian Cartwright

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