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From: "Brenda Wallace" <>
Subject: [PaCambri] Michael Joseph McGuire 1785-1835
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 11:07:49 -0400

Here is a time line on Michael Joseph McGuire 1785-1835 for any researcher
who might be interested in this family.

1785 Michael born in Frederick Co., MD
1788 Michael moved to Cambria Co., PA area with his family.
1803 Huntingdon Co., PA Orphans Court May term 1803 named as heir of
Michael McGuire of Allegheny Twp.
1803 birth of Mary Ann McGuire daughter of Michael and Sara Byrne. There is
no marriage record for Michael and Sara Byrne. Later data would suggest
they never married. [I have more data on Sara and Mary Ann]
1808 Allegheny Tax list Michael does not show in 1810,1811,
1814,1815,1816. I am not sure this Michael is the right one.
1810 sponsors child of Patrick and Appollonia Burke.
1810 Baltimore Co., MD M. McGuire 20010 20001 a Daniel Delozier was
living two doors away with numbers 00101 0001 The 1810 numbers do not work
well. Might not be Michael. Michael does not appear to be living with his
mother in Cambria in 1810.
1820 6th ward, Baltimore Co., MD Michael McGuire 00001 0111
1824 Michael Maguire, carpenter lives on Holliday St. west side south of
Pleasant. [Directories prior to 1824 need to be check to see when Michael
arrived in Baltimore]
1828 Michael J. and Margaret of Baltimore sell to Luke McGuire for $1 land
called Boot in Allegheny Twp. patented 12/22/1813 book 10 pg. 303. Deed
5/5/1828 Cambria Co., PA deeds 3-437. [Further deed work needs to be done
in order to tighten up Michael's actual move Baltimore.
1830 6th ward, Baltimore Co., MD Michael J. McGuire 20101 10102
1833 Michael J. Maguire/McGuire lives on Holliday St. south of Pleasant and
has a shop at 50 N. Gay St.
1835 June 8 Michael McGuire buried Basillica of the Assumption of Blessed
Virgin Mary.
1835 Margaret Maguire begins to administer the estate of Michael. There are
no children mentioned in any of the references. There were 5 lots listed in
the inventory. There are no deeds showing the sell of this land. [Baltimore
Co., MD Administration Accounts vol. 34-130; Baltimore Co, MD administration
accounts vol. 42-12; Baltimore Co., MD inventories vol. 44-391 and 45-481]
1840 6th ward, Baltimore Co., MD Margaret Maguire 010011 0111101

The numbers in the census might suggest that Michael and Margaret had four
children born between 1800-1810. The numbers for 1820 show that the two
males have probably died. The girls however were born between 1804-1810 and
1794-1804. This fits with the 1810 dates. By 1830 there is a young family
living with Michael and Margaret. The dates do not seem to work for anyone.
Both Michael and Margaret seem too young. Also we know that Margaret had a
boarding house by 1837. Quite possibly she ran this boarding house long
before this time and the census reflect boarders and no children. I have
looked in the baptisms of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and
found no McGuires married or born in the right time frame to be children of
Michael and Margaret. Neither could I find Michael or Margaret sponsoring
any children in this time frame. There were other churches in the area and
perhaps Michael and Margaret actually attended a congregation who shared the
cemetery of the Assumption church. All the surviving church records need to
be checked carefully. The cemetery lot at Basilica of the Assumption of the
Blessed Virgin Mary on Mulberry and Catherdral Sts. might show who was
buried near Michael and Margaret and give leads to possible children. Also
the city directories might show who was living at 58 Holiday in 1847. This
person might have been the heir of Margaret. Using this name in the deeds
might turn up some useful information.

This shows that there are still a few gaps in the history of Michael Joseph,
however there are no doubts that this is the son of Capt. Michael and that
he lived and died in Baltimore. Did he go to Baltimore with the Daniel
Delozier who was living just one house away? Did he marry before going to

I will be happy to entertain comments, corrections, and additions to Michael

Jonathan and Brenda Wallace
3520 Sixth Ave.
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

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