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From: Diane Dunlap <>
Subject: Re: [PaCambri] great reminders for sharing info
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 14:17:45 -0500
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That was great advice about checking one's settings - both prior to
sharing information, and I might add, prior to uploading GECCOM files
too. I recently had changed my settings in my REUNION 8 software since
I was sharing information with a relative, and was passing along some
information on living cousins, aunts and uncles.
I forgot to change the setting back to to note LIVING instead of
their names, and by accident uploaded to my website, their names -
which I know is a big NO NO! Thank goodness I discovered it, and once
again, I was reminded that I need to check the file that will be shown
on the website before uploading it - to avoid that error.

My message to self is: double check what I about to share with others
and double check what I'm about to upload too!

Live and Learn, and keep learning!

On Apr 18, 2004, at 9:29 PM, The Julians wrote:

> I've heard one of the easiest ways for identity thieves to get their
> information is through genealogy information posted on the Internet.
> Always hide any information you send or post on living individuals,
> including yourself and your children. If you are unsure if a person
> is still living or not, you can probably set your genealogy software
> to automatically tag them as living at say age 100 to be safe. Some
> software will only provide the name and block all other information or
> just list them as "Living", but you must do this manually and adjust
> your settings.
> Being a novice at this and after about three months of exchanging
> information with fellow researchers, I realized I had not done this
> and they knew exactly who was in my wedding party and when and where I
> was baptized and many things that were my personal information that I
> would prefer was kept private until I'm dead and gone. Fortunately, I
> believe everyone I exchanged information with was on the up-and-up and
> are really researchers. Unknowingly I passed along information on
> other living family members too who probably would be none too happy
> with me. Moral of the story - check your settings before you hit the
> print report button and share more information than you realized.
> Donna

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