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Subject: Capt Mike McGuire
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Sex: Male

Father: MICHAEL MCGUIRE (abt 1694 - 1789)

Mother: Patience WELLS (bet 1710 and 1715 - 11 Sep 1776)

Individual Facts

Birth abt 1740 Maryland

Death 17 Nov 1793 (age 53) Allegheny Twp, Cambria Co., PA[1]



Marriage 3 Oct 1766 (age 26) Fredericks Co., MD[2]

Children Mary MCGUIRE (2 Sep 1767 - 17 Dec 1835)

LUKE MCGUIRE (2 Oct 1768 - 17 Apr 1831)

Henry MCGUIRE (28 Feb 1770 - )

Richard MCGUIRE (12 Dec 1771 - 13 Jan 1855)

Patience MCGUIRE (22 Apr 1773 - 3 Jul 1847)

Rachel MCGUIRE (11 Jun 1774 - )

Ruth MCGUIRE (7 Sep 1776 - 19 May 1813)

Appolonia MCGUIRE (10 Feb 1779 - 24 May 1861)

Michael Joseph MCGUIRE (8 Apr 1785 - 7 Jun 1835)

Notes (Individual)

General: This is the timeline of Michael McGuire.

1761 October 20 Michael and Patience Maguire of Frederick Co., MD sells 52 acres of 'Patient's Care' to Michael Maguire, Jr, son. ( Frederick Co. , MD Land Records G-223-224)

1762 April 19 Michael McGuire gets survey of 52a of Patience Care and114a of vacant land. The actual total was 162a with 5a of cleared land.[Maryland Land Office, Survey #3759] [Maryland Land Office, Patents Frederick Co. BC&GS 19:561]

1763 Michael McGuire taxed in the Debt Book of Frederick Co., MD for 52aof 'Resurvey of Patience Care'

1766 March Michael McGuyor Jr. brought to court for assaulting John Turnball. [Frederick Co., MD Judgements mpg. 624]

1766 November Judgements Frederick Co., MD pg. 1422. Samuel Owings Jr. brings a case against Michael McGuire for payment of a debt. On April17, 1760 or 65 [the word five is blacked out] made a note to Owings for 10 pounds 11 shillings and nine pence. Michael Maguire Jr came into court and became pledge and manicaptor for the said Michael Maguire. Michael Jr granted to pay damages as well as costs. [Almost reads like Michael Sr. made the debt, but Michael Jr. paid it????]

1766 Michael McGuire taxed in the Debt Book of Frederick Co., MD for 52a of 'Resurvey of Patience Care'

1767 March term A bench warrant was issued by Lord Proprietor of Frederick Co., MD against Michael McGuire on a rape charge. I could find no further information on this issue. [Potential Court Judgments DD 12 pg 598 and 681] At this time and with so little information it hard to determine exactly who this Michael would be. However there do not appear to be any other Michaels living in Frederick Co., MD at this time.

1767 April 16 Michael Magure Sr. sells 46 acres of 'Resurvey of Patiences's Cove to Michael Magurie Jr. (Frederick Co. , MD Land RecordsK-1149-1150.)

1768-1771 Michael McGuire taxed in the Debt Book of Frederick Co., MD for110a of 'Patience Care' and 46a 'Resurvey of Patience Care'

1771 March 26 Michael Jr sells to Peter Erb 45a of 'Resurvey of Patience Care' adjoining Peter McMullen. [Frederick Co.,MD land records O pg. 124]

1772-1773 Michael McGuire taxed in the Debt Book of Frederick Co., MD for 110a of 'Patience Care'

1773 January 6, The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #52419


RUN AWAY from the subscriber, living in Great Pipe Creek, Frederick county, Maryland, a Dutch servant man, named JOHN KINSINER, by trade a taylor, about 5 feet 6 inches high, black complexion, straight black hair, he is a noted thief; had on, when he went away, an old red jacket,and a white one over it, old stuff breeches, blue stockings, new pumps,aged 35 years. Whoever secures said servant, in any of his Majesty goals, shall have FIVE POUNDS reward, and if brought home, the above reward, and reasonable charges, paid by MICHAEL McGUIRE. Dec. 21, 1772.

N.B. His father lives in Sixth street, the corner of Race street, in the city of Philadelphia.

1773 December 8, 1773 The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #54515

November 29, 1773.


RUN away from the subscriber, living at Great Pipe Creek, Frederick county, Maryland, a Dutch servant man, named John Balser Kinsiner, by trade of taylor, about 5 feet 6 inches high, dark frized hair, sandy beard, black eyes, sunk in his head, and very small; had on, when he went away, an old fulled lincey jacket, white flax linen ditto, old checkshirt, tow trowsers, new worsted stockings, and a new silk handkerchief; his father lives in Philadelphia, and his wife's father in Germantown, he has many other friends in different parts of that province: He was whipped at Lancaster, at October Court, 1772, at Trenton last August, and is well acquainted with the whipping post in Philadelphia. Whoever secures said servant, so that his master gets him again, shall have, iftaken 50 miles from home, FIFTY SHILLINGS, if 100, FIVE POUNDS, if 200,the above reward, and reasonable charges, if brought home, paid by MICHAEL McGUIRE , junior.

*** It is likely he may change his name, clothes and trade, as he can work at the weaving business.

1773 May 21 Michael Jr buys from Samuel Owings Jr of Baltimore Co., MD 200a of 'Ohio' [Frederick Co.,MD land records S pg. 296]

1773 May 24 Michael Jr. buys from Samuel Owings Jr. of Baltimore Co., MD 100a of 'Ohio' [Frederick Co., MD land records S pg. 288]

1774 March 20 Michael McGuire Jr. sells to Jacob Frazer of York Co., PA"Ohio" adjoining tract of Samuel Owings which was conveyed to Michael.100a. (Frederick Co., MD land records V pg. 355)

1776 McGuire, Michael. Captain of a militia, company in the 3rd battalion on Nov 29, 1775, (Ref E-56 see above for E) Ref B-103 The Maryland Militia in the revolutionary War by Clements & Wright) Associator who assisted in "handing about the Association paper" in 1776 Ref E-245[Revolutionary Patriots of Frederick Co., MD. 1775-83 by Henry C. Peden Jr]

1778 September 8 Capt. Michael McGuire certified that he was qualified to be Deputy Sheriff in Frederick Co., MD (Frederick Co., MD land record RP pg. 437)

1782 February 21 Ulrich Hoofstetler to Michael McGuire Jr. 100 a of Dyers Mill Forest [Frederick Co., MD land records Vol. 8 pg. 340: Vol. 3 pg. 40]

1785 July 14 Michael McGuire warrants 200a on Clearfield Creek, Bedford Co., PA for son Michael Jr. (Bedford Co., PA warrant P24 pg. 145 warrant#218) Survey of this land returned on April 20, 1791. Adjoining Nicholas Bradock and vacant land. (PA land records, copied surveys,A 21 pg. 244)

1785 July 14 Michael McGuire warrants 300a in Frankstown Twp., Bedford Co., PA. (Bedford Co., PA warrants H 10 pg. 426 Warrant #220) The survey for this land given on May 3, 1788 gives 298 a. All the bordering lots are vacant. (PA land records, copied surveys, H pg. 376)

1787 Frankstown Twp., Bedford Co., PA unseated land Michael McGuire is taxed on two plots.

1787 Nov. 17 filed Dec. 3, 1792 Huntingdon Co., PA Deeds B-1-474 Michael McGuire of Pine Creek Hundred, Fredericks Co., MD buys either 800 or1200a from Adam Good. Land located on Clearfield Creek, Bedford Co., PA.(I do not have a copy of this deed. Adam Good was taxed in 1787. He was next to Michael. I checked the Huntingdon Co., PA deed index, but could not find this deed)

1788 May 28 Michael Mcguire Jr. sells 300a to Jacob and Cornelius Burgoon. Land was warranted 7/14/1785. (Cambria Co., PA deeds 1-109)

1788 August 19 Michael McGuire Jr. of Frederick Co.,MD gives as surety to John Richie. 100 a. of "Dyers Mill Forest. Land from Hoofstetler in1782. Michael has a debt to Thomas Beatty. [Frederick Co. MD land Records vol. 8 pg. 340]

1789 Michael McGuire was a literate man. The following is a transcript of the certification he made after traveling on Galbreath's road.

"Certification of Michael McGuire in 1789. 'I do certify that I have traveled the new road opened by Robert Galbreath, Esq., from Frankstown to Conemaugh and found it sufficiently opened and found the digging and bridging compleatly finished where it was necessary, and likewise drove my waggon with upwards of twenty hundred over the Allegheny Mountains with ease; nor did I find any difficulty in any parts of the road so far as I had occassion to travel it.'" (Storey, Henry Wilson History of Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Vol 1. New York: The Lewis Publishing Co., 1907.)

1793 March 25 John Ritchie releases to Michael McGuire, Jr. part of attract of land called Dyers Mills Forest from Ulrich Hostettler.(Frederick Co., MD land records liber 11 p. 412; see deed in 1788 in vol.8 pg. 340]

1793 February 13 Michael McGuire of BEDFORD CO., PA and Jacob Yingland of Frederick Co., MD. - tracts of land Resurvey of part of resurvey of Patience Care and part of Dyers Mill Forest. Deed in possession of Peter McGuire; power of attorney for Michael McGuire went to SON LUKE McGuire; Rachel, wife of Michael also signed deed; Power of attorney attached states Michael is from Huntingdon Co., Pa. as is Luke McGuire.[Frederick Co., MD land records liber 11 pg. 412]

1790 Huntingdon Co. ,PA 3 1 4

1793 (Carousso, Guide to Decedents Estates; Will Book One 1787-1807 --page 65) letters of administration for Michael McGuire estate of Frankstown Twp granted 12/3/1793.

1795 Estate records of Michael McGuire and guardianship of Michael, son.[Somerset Co., PA orphan's court No. 7-1795]

1803 Cambria Co., Orphans Court. May term 1803 Petition of Thomas B. Durbin and Mary his wife, late Mary McGuire: names widow Rachel and children Mary, Luke, Richard, Patience wife of Michael McGuire of Shavers Creek, Ruth, Appolance, and Michael all as heirs of Michael of Allegheny Twp.

1805 April 15 Luke and Margaret; Richard and Eleanor; Michael andPatience; James Maghen and Appolonia; Michael Jr. sell to Thomas and Mary Durbin land called "McGuire Bridge" 190a warranted 1/19/1793. Adj. Michael and Rachel White and Michael McGuire. [Cambria Co., PA deeds1-327]

1805 April 17 Heirs of Michael McGuire sell to Michael and Patience McGuire 171a part of patent to Michael Jr. and adj. Richard. [Cambria Co., PA deeds 2-424]

1805 April 17 Michael McGuire's heirs to Michael Jr. 171 a adj. Richard,part of patent to Mike Jr. 1/19/1793 [Cambria Co., PA deeds 109-30]

1811 Jan. 25 Richard and Luke McGuire sell to Henry Cooper 107 a part of Hibernia on Clearfield Creek adj. Daniel Delozier, Thomas Smith, Peter Burgoon, Philip Cooper. Part of warrant to Jacob Good on Nov. 15, 1785.Deeded to Richard and patented on Sept. 11, 1809 Patent book H. vol.1-752. [Cambria Co., PA deeds 1-218]

1813 April 10 Deed names all the heirs of Michael McGuire selling 100a to James C. Maguire of Ebensburg adj. Thomas Durbin, James Mageehan, Andrew McFarland, and Rev. Gallitzin [Cambria Co., PA deeds 2-6]

1813 May 10 Luke and Margaret McGuire and Richard and Eleanor McGuire sell to Rev. Demetruis Gallitzin 410a on Clearfield Creek patent March 5,1812 to Luke patent book H vol. 6-690 and 402a patent on same day to Richard book H vol. 6-692. adj. Luke, Roman Catholic Church, Dr. Brownson, John Wickland. [Cambria Co., PA deed 1-329 and 2-562]

I have been unable to find a primary reference for the birth of Captain Michael McGuire of Loretto. Many researchers have given his birth date as 1717. This is based on an entry in Souvenir of Loretto Centenary published in October 1899. Actually there are three entries for Captain Michael McGuire in this book. I would like to compare these with each other and with other known references.

The first entry in the Souvenir is on page 31. This gives the complete transcription of the headstone of Captain Michael standing in the cemetery in 1899. "Here lie The Mortal Remains of Captain Michael M'Guire. Departed this Life Nov. 17, 1793. He manifested his zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls by bestowing this land for the benefit of the resident clergy. May He Rest in Peace. Amen. Erected by A. J. McGuire, of Baltimore, and R. Scanlan, of Loretto, 1856."

The second entry is in the Register of Deaths of St. Michael's Parish,Loretto, PA. The note at the beginning of the list says the information was gathered from many sources, primarily from headstones. On page 187 there is a list of all the McGuires buried in St. Michael's Cemetery in Loretto, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania. In the birth column of Captain Michael's entry we find 1717, however there is no indication as to where this information came from.

On page 201 begins a list of some of the transcriptions in the cemetery at St. Michael's. This listing has stones and pairs of stones separated by a line, seemingly indicating stones which are beside each other are listed in one group. Most of the groupings are husbands and wives. The other groupings appear to be relatives. The entry for Michael is 'Capt. Michael McGuire. Born 1717. Died Nov. 17, 1793. Aged 76 years.' Coupled with this is the entry 'Michael McGuire. Born 1742. Died May 1, 1818.Ages 76 years.'

The first entry is easy to verify. It is written in a box using the apparent layout on the actual stone. Also the current stone is an exact replica of that 1856 stone and the wording matches exactly.

The second entry is unverifiable. The note itself says the information came from many sources, but not which ones.

The third entry is the most damaging. If we compare this entry with the transcription given in the first entry we notice several differences in the transcription. First is the spelling of the name McGuire vs. M'Guire. Second is the addition of a birth date and an age at death. Now let's look at the stone coupled with Captain Michael. The death date given for this Michael is the same death date as Rachel, wife of Captain Michael. Also the age at death matches the age of Rachel as recorded in the McGuire family Bible. I can only conclude that the entry on page 201 is in error. It is in error as to the entry about the second Michael who is obviously Rachel. It is in error on both stones about birth dates, as neither appears on the actual stones in the cemetery.

My final conclusion is: We do not know when Captain Michael McGuire was born. No birth date or age at death is available. Therefore using legal records we MIGHT conclude that Michael was born between 1740 and 1750. He enters his first land in 1761 probably at age 21. He marries in 1766 probably in his mid twenties. He travels to the frontier in 1786 as a middle aged man and dies in 1793 as a middle aged man.

Captain Michael's history has been written in several books. Following are references to these passages.

Adams, Edmund and Barbara Brady O'Keefe. Catholic Trails West, The Founding Catholic Families of Pennsylvania. Vol 2. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, Inc., 1989. pp. 354, 635.

Bicentennial of Loretto. pg. 12.)

Kittel, Ferdinand, ed. Souvenir of Loretto Centenary. Cresson, PA.: Swope Bros. Printers. 1899. pp. 27-29.)

Prepared by:

Brenda McGuire Wallace

3520 Sixth Ave.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010


[1] Family Bible of Michael McGuire of Cambria Co., PA 1766-1882 (Nov. 1748).

[2] Ibid.

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