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From: (by way of Lynne Canterbury <>)
Subject: Diamond, Dimond
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 16:06:50 -0500

I've done a bit of research at Loretto, and it appears the Diamonds/Dimonds
were part of the German Catholic group that followed Prince Gallitzin to
Cambria County from Adams County. They appear as godparents in the St.
Church records with some of my Dillon (Dellone), Noel and Strausbaugh
during the early colonization period of the county. I think the
discrepancy in
the surname spelling has less to do with "Americanization" than the fact that
most of the record keepers were from British and Welsh extraction and the
rough, gutteral German accents were hard for them to record
without "anglecizing"
them. In my case, the Dellones from the Alsace-Lorraine region became
"Dillons" (and some, later, even claimed Irish descent!) Then, too, this
was a
period of great English illiteracy and many of these early German settlers
did not
read and write English. Early St. Francis Church records contain almost all
German surnames (with Skelly/O'Skalley being one of the few Irish exceptions)
largely due to the fact that Prince Gallitzin, although of Russian
background, was educated in Germany, where his father served as Catherine
the Great's
ambassador, and spoke fluent German. I hope this helps.

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