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From: "R. Don Troxel" <>
Subject: Father Modestus letter
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 17:55:39 -0500

From Father Modestus to My grandfather, JD Hopfer Portage,Pa. 1936

11 March 24,1936

741 Railroad Str


Tuesday, St Patrick's Day at l0 A.M_Baumer Street was under

At 12 Stoney creek also under water; at 2 P.M.the Mayor ordered all
stores closed and the streets evacuated. The people climed the hill in
front of St Joseph church to reach Daisytown. The Frankstown road was
black with truck loads of people, the side walk black with people as
far as You could see, the steep hillside was covered with people
crawling up like a drove of ants..All on account of-the false report
that the Quemahoning and Wilmore dams had burst. Two deaths from
fright;10 reported drowned.

Wednesday 4 P.M..was asked to carry two satchels with the St.Joseph
Sunday offering up to Daisytown. This I refused, but said I would go
to Anselmn Farabaugh's house as it was not in danger of the f1cod
about 3 blocks away. When I got there I found the whole family with
about 6 other families on the street ready to go to Daisytown. I told
them I came to hold down the Farabaugh house but if they choused they
could go on to Daisytown. Well they all remained with me in the
house..About 5:30 they all went home for their supper. I ate supper at
6 PM., there. At 7:30 the elec-light replaced the candle light. So I
asked the Missis to send two of her daughters to the next house to
remain with the bedfast man and tell his wife to come over for a
change from the sick room. We played pinockl uritil 10 PM. In the mean
while a family of 6 came about 9 P.M.. with blankets to pass the night
. Well 10 PM. is my-time to be at home in bed so I went.

home and had a good nights rest. Well at any rate that section of
Johnstown slept in their beds.

Mrs Annie Farabaugh Dishard's house was flooded.She tramped to Daley-
town and is with her cousin Shellhammers. Mrs Fred Farabaugh Reavel
Riddle was flooded from home and is safe. August Borkey(of Patton)
flooded and safe. Mrs Homer Wirtner Lutringer Resslerl,staff
photographer was takirig photos for the Johnstown evening Tribune and
suffered a slight stroke.

He and family are with Ben Lutringer on Grove Avenue. I have heard
nothing of Cameron Bottom Farabaugh in Coopersdale.,

The business section of the town has about all the store windows
broken, frame buildings ruined. Pianos ?and furniture floated down to
Pittsburgh. Cambria City and Coopersdale were abot the hardest hit, 7
Churches in Cambria City and no Mass in them last Sunday. At ST.
Joseph here Mass at 6/7/8/9/10/11/12. People frcm Cambria City and St
Johns church with several hundred soldiers were at the church
services. I said Mass at. Daisytown and 7,30 & 10

The Daisytown St Gregory Hall is headquarters of the Red Cross,
Commissary and sleeping place for women The men are at the Daisytown
hall. The Colord people were in the U.B church. Some were in ST
Gregory Church Tuesday night. St.Joseph hall here is headquarters of
the Penn Gass & Electric Co. There are 7 -16ft tables in the hall for
their meals. Some sleep in the same A few families are sleeping in the
school hall.. The State Police and about a 1000 army men are on duty.
A pass is requiered on the streets. On the corner below the church
corner there are two These soldiers attended Mass in squads in. ST
.Joseph Church.

The Penn Electric and Gass Co. Men are here from Erie, Warren, in fact
from all Western Pa. It is a horrible site down town.

In highest esteem

Fr. Modestus, O. S. B.

R. Don Troxel

1012 Webster Ave

Portage, PA 15946


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