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Subject: Scott and Emma [Litzinger] Byrne: CORRECTION
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 17:50:15 -0500
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It must be a daughter, but it is listed as a sister in her obit, and a daughter in his. I would believe it is the daughter. [Of course, I might have copied it incorrectly. This was not a photocopy.]
Thanks for the correction. If anyone else has any at any time, let me know, as I hate to pass on incorrect information. I have dyslexia for numbers, reverse them, etc, so always check my numbers.

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Molly or Mallie is a daughter on one and a sister on the other? Elaine
On Nov 2, 2005, at 4:16 PM, wrote:

> Barnesboro Star, Thursday, October 28, 1928
> Mrs. Emma (Litzinger) Byrne, age 63, died October 13, [1928]. > She was the wife of Scott Byrne of Carrolltown.
> She was born in Chest Springs October 17, 1863, the daughter of > Daniel and Lydia[Riffel] Litzinger. She is survived by her husband > and a son:
> Michael of Spangler;
> And a sister and a brother:
> Mrs. Molly Steich, and
> Anicetus Litzinger or Johnstown.
> The funeral was held at St. Benedict's Church in Carrolltown and > interment was in the church cemetery.
> Barnesboro Star, Thursday, May 23, 1929
> Scott Byrne, age 70, of Carrolltown died May 23, [1929]. He had > been ill for two years.
> He is survived by two children:
> Mallie Steich, and
> Michael, of Spangler;
> And the following brothers and sisters:
> John, Altoona;
> Theodore, Ebensburg;
> Mrs. Jennie Fitzgerald, Ebensburg; and
> Mrs. Joseph Steich, Altoona.
> The funeral was held at St. Benedict's Church in Carrolltown and > interment was in the church cemetery.
> Note: I wrote these from my notes, so the wording may not be exact.
> Mr. Byrne was know as Scott, although William was his first > name.
> His daughter's name is Molly in one obit and Mallie in the > other. Does anyone know which is correct? And who her husband is?
> Who are the spouses of the other Byrnes siblings?
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