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I also appreciate the anecdotal information - as you say, makes the
individuals more alive.

The surname FORS was added about 1814 in conjunction with military service;
however the patronymic naming system was also continued.

John NOREN left Sweden using his Swedish name and it was changed sometime
after arrival in the USA. Looking through my notes, I have an old message
from a fellow FORS researcher (who is a descendant of John and Christina
FORS NOREN) stating that one of his Noren uncles indicated there was a
relationship with the other PETERSON family, however I don't seem to have a
follow-up on that. Rich is on the Cambria liste and may join in with any
further information he has.

On the other hand, I have nothing to indicate there was a relationship with
Gust FORS' wife Augusta PETERSON and the other Hasting Petersons. In fact,
I have not able to definitely locate her family. Her parents were Petter
and Johanna JOHANSSON (named only as 'Peter and Annie' on Gust and
Augusta's marriage application, so I am unsure as to what surname they used
here). Anecdotal information has Augusta's twin brother August dying in
South Fork, perhaps in the flood, but I've never been able to verify that.
I have a picture of Augusta, August, and their older brother John taken in
Coalport, PA. My aunts remember their uncle John.... he returned to Sweden
in the 1920s and died there in 1943. But again, I haven't been able to
positively identify his whereabouts in census.


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I will have more Endler posts. I am getting settled in my house
now, and finding things I didn't know the location of earlier. While some
of the posts might not add dates or strict genealogical information, I
think the inclusion of events and ancedotes makes the people come
alive. Just like this article.
I saw it in the Hastings Tribune, which exists in three bound
volumes in the Historical Society. It preceded the North Cambria News
[saved from 1902 - 1953], and those three years [about 1893 -1896] were
saved only because the editor took them with him when he went to Ebensburg
to edit another paper.
Do you know the rational of the Swedish name changes? Were the
Petersons in Hastings from the same family, but know as Peterson?
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Dixmont Insane A...

When I saw this posting I also thought this was probably Christina FORS.
I'll paste the family below. Her husband John's date of death is verified
by death certificate. From the birth dates of the children perhaps this
hospitalization was due to post-partum depression??? The newspaper notes
only 3 children, however the birth of Christina's first child Gust in
Sweden comes from original Swedish documents; while the father is not named
in the documents, Johann PETTERSON (later NOREN) is found in the same area
as Christina. Also Gust came to the USA with Christina. It seems she did
not always include him, i.e. census question of how many children born/living.


PS - Thanks Marilyn for the ENDLER items you recently sent.

Descendants of Johan Petter Petterson
1 Johan Petter PETTERSON (NOREN) b: 28 Apr 1855 Brålanda, Älvsborg, Sweden
d: 13 Mar 1913 Hastings, Cambria Co., PA
.. +Kristina Larsdotter FORS b: 25 May 1860 Gestad, Älvsborg, Sweden m: 25
Feb 1887 Woodhull, Steuben County, New York d: 04 Jul 1923 Spangler,
Cambria County, PA
2 Gust NOREN b: 22 May 1882 Gestad, Älvsborg, Sweden d: 10 May 1917 PA
2 Oscar NOREN b: Abt. 1888 Pennsylvania
.... +Margaret SAMUELS b: Abt. 1891 Pennsylvania
2 Anna NOREN b: 09 Aug 1889 Pennsylvania d: 16 Apr 1953
.... +Edward HINDMARSH b: Abt. 1886 Pennsylvania m: 12 Feb 1907 Hastings,
Cambria County, Pennsylvania
2 Carl NOREN b: Abt. 1892
.... +Mary UNKNOWN
2 Albert NOREN b: 21 Jun 1893 Hastings, Cambria County, PA d: 02 Jan 1930
Spangler, Cambria County, PA
.... +Elizabeth GALLAGHER m: 1913
2 Vernard NOREN b: 1897 d: 1944
2 Ester NOREN b: 02 Apr 1901 Cambria County, PA d: Aug 1986 Rockford,
Winnebago County, IL
.... +Edwin QUIST b: 17 Apr 1897 d: Jun 1969 Oak Lawn, Cook County, IL

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Thanks, that helps. I am not sure, but I THINK her husband had died
shortly before this occurred. I meant to try to check that out, but those
are the newspapers in Ebensburg.
I am forwarding this to a friend who is a Fors descendant. Perhaps
she can help out with her family.

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In a message dated 11/2/2005 3:11:54 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
Hastings Tribune, Friday, February 23, 1894

Mrs. John Noren [of Hastings] has been committed to Dixmont Insane
Asylum. She has three small children.

Dear Marilyn,
I believe this is the correct family. Mrs. John Noren was Christina
FORS. Your notice says she had 3 children. I have one: Albert P. Noren,
29 Jun 1893, Hastings, died 2 Jan 1930, Hastings. He was the husband of
Elizabeth Ann Gallagher.
Mary Lou

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