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Subject: Westover Churches, Clearfield County
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 13:49:05 -0500

Again, I am only going to quote the portions of the article that deal with the churches in Westover. The present United Methodist church was an EUB Church originally.

A View from.... Westover By Jane Elling, staff writer, The Progress, Clearfield

....The village [of Westover] is located in the southern portion of Clearfield County along Route 36 and on the banks of Chest Creek....
There are two churches in the community: the Westover Baptist and Westover Grace United Methodist.
The Baptist Church was organized in May 1852. In 1863 a meeting was held and a site selected to build a 44 x 34 church. It was located behind where the present church is located along the banks of Chest Creek. The Charter for Incorporation advertisement is listed in the May 3, 1876 Raftsman's Journal.
Between October 3, 1889 and November 2, 1890, a new church was erected. It was destroyed by fire January 27, 1918. The present church was dedicated July 13, 1919. The pastor is the Rev. Charles Long.
The Evangelical Church of Westover, now Grace United Methodist, began in 1874 when a congregation of 50 assembled in the Roland Church located one mile west of town on Harmony Road.
James McEwen gave a plot of land located one square south and east of the present edifice. It was dedicated February 10, 1899 and named Hebron.
Due to a division in the general church a new structure was built on the site of the present church. It burned Jan. 4, 1920. A new church was dedicated June 22, 1924. The pastor is the Rev. John Dallape [still is, 2005.]....

Note: The former EUB church at East Ridge is now a United Methodist church, and is in the charge of the Rev. Dallape.
Does anyone know anything further about the Roland Church that is mentioned?

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