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Subject: Miscellaneous Marriages [and some divorces]from Early Hastings Newspapers
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 12:21:31 -0500

These are miscellaneous marriages I copied from the newspapers. They are especially valuable, I think, for listing [in some cases] the attendants. This is all I have, but if you want to look someone up, at least you have the date.
I would appreciate any information you might have about these people.

Hastings Tribune, Friday, February 16, 1894.
Lawrence Weimer and Helena Noel, both of Carroll Townshipp, at Carrolltown. [Probably St. Benedict.] Attendants: John B. Noel and Lucy Owens. [They lived at Swedtown, Elder Township. Several other Noel siblings also moved there.]
Michael Niebauer, of St. Lawrence, and Minnie Kreitzer, of Carroll Township, married in Carrolltown on Monday. Attendants were Mr. Kutruff and Miss Pfiester.

Hastings Tribune, July 13, 1894
Mr. Harvey Mitchell, of Mahaffey, and Miss Anna Maud Richards, of Houtzdale, at the M.E. Church, July 4, 1894.
Mr. John Trudgeon and Annie bishop, of Hastings, by H. M. Neff, J.P., Monday Evening.

Hastings Tribune, Sept 7, 1894
P. J. Geus and Hannah Campbell, both of Hastings, married at St. John's, Atoona, on September 2, 1894.

Hastings Tribune, September 28, 1894
Levi Thomas, son of Michael Thomas and Sadie Stolts, daughter of Jacob Stoltz, were married September 18, 1894, at St. Boniface.

North Cambria News, Friday, October 16, 1905
Edith Adams of Philipsburg and Arthur Lee, of Pittsburgh, were married at the Central Hotel [in Hastings] by the Episcopal minister. Had known each other only since Tuesday. [Reprinted from the Johnstown Tribune.]

North Cambria News, October 23, 1903
Newlyweds Paul Fry and wife [Ada Bush] reside in Loretto. He bought an interest in a feed mill at Gallitzin and will soon visit there.
Nicholas Anstatt [Anstead] and Sohanna Luther, married in Patton. [That is the spelling of the name, but it might be an error, and the name Johanna.]

North Cambria News, July 1, 1904
Frank Manion of Hastings, and Josephine Miller, of Carrolltown, received a marriage license.

North Cambria News, November 13, 1903.
Maggie Nagle divorce # 79 June Term, 1903. The master will sit at his office December 2, 1903. [Maggie Gessler and Elmer Nagle.]

North Cambria News, August 12, 1904
Edward Kline and Maggie Gessler were married at Ebensburg August 9, 1904, by Squire A. J. Walters.

North Cambria News, October 14, 1904
Samuel L. Miller and Mrs. Frances Shadel, both of Elder Township, were married by Squire Goodfellow on Saturday evening.

North Cambria News, October 28, 1904
License obtained by Joe E. Swope of Coupon and Dessie Rhodes of Fallentimber.
License obtained by Francis [Frank] M. Helfrick, of Hastings [son of Peter Helfrick and Catherine Hass] and Emma M. Conrad, of Barnesboro.

North Cambria News, November 4, 1904
License for Anthony Bertram, of Gallitzin, and Emma Bechtol, of Tunnellhill.
North Cambria New, November 25, 1904
A.H. Swope, of Johnstown, and Anna McCombie, a teacher here in Hastings, were married in Spangler on Wednesday morning. They will live in Johnstown.

North Cambria News, May 19, 1905
Frank Gill and Rose Young, of Spangler Street, both of Hastings, were married at 7 o'clock Monday at St. Bernards. Attendants were Edwing Geus and Etta Young.
William Cole of Patton and Lucinda Lantzy, daughte rof Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lantzy, of Hastings, were married at St. Bernard's Church on Tuesday.

North Cambria News, June 16, 1905
License for Jacob Semelesberger and Rosie Endler, [youngest daughter of John and Mary Glasser Endler] of St. Boniface.

North Cambria News, September 8, 1905
License for Curtis M. Cronemiller and Maggie B. Neidigh, both of Patton. [Note: my grandfather, Ambrose Feighner, was the best man, and I have a photo of this wedding. I don't know any more about this couple. I think they married in a Protestant ceremony, as there is no record at St. Mary's or St. George's. I would welcome information.]
License for Otto Anna and Helen Lehman, both of Carroll Township. [This couple ended up living in Colorado.]

North Cambria News, April 18, 1905
License obtained by Walter C. Morris of Vintondale and Lettie Barry of Rexis, Indiana County.

North Cambria News, February 6, 1906
Louis Trivolo and Marie Antoinette, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Roberts, married in St Bernards Tuesday. They will reside in Hastings. [Ross Roberts later murdered in 1913. I posted the story.]

North Cambria News, November 13, 1903
MARRIED IN HASTINGS. Mr. Jonathan Nicholson and Miss Christina Nelson, both of Hastings, were married in Harrisburg November 8, 1903. Mr. Nicholson is a mining boss at No 8 Coal Mine for the Pennsylvania Coal and Coke Company, while the bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. James Nelson. Both the contracting parties are highly respected in Hastings, where they will make their future home.

North Cambria News, November 27, 1903.
The Court has ordered a subpoena in the divorce case of Elizabeth B. Bush vs. John Bush. Mrs. Bush, who is represented by Attorney T. H. Hasson, alleges she has suffered cruel and barbarous treatment at the hands of her husband over 18 years.

North Cambria News, March 3, 1905
Mary McCoy and David M. Smith, were marrie dat the home of Mrs. and Mrs James McCoy, at 8 o'clock last evening by Squire Goodfellow.

North Cambria News, March 17, 1905
License for Jessie Hileman, of West Taylor Township, and Katherine Gordon, of Johnstown.

North Cambria News, April 7, 1905
License for David R. Sommerville, Sesquehanna Township, and Lizzie A. Griffith, of Cambria Township.

North Cambria News, June 30, 1905
Harry W. Neff and Clara M. Cryer were married Wednesday at the M. E. Parsonage in Hastings.

North Cambria News, June 30, 1905
Henry Delaby and Aline Lefeburu of St. Boniface were married Monday at nine O'clock by Squire Goodfellow in Hastings.

North Cambria News, December 1, 1905
License for Levi Beers, of Coalport, and Treasie Carlheim, of Chest Township.

North Cambria News, January 5, 1906
License for Elmer Crowell, of Patton [formerly of Philipsburg] and Lulu Yahner, of Patton.
License for Burch E. Curtis, of Frugality, and Annie M. Mock [or Mack] of Dysart.
License for Seth E. Stevens, of Westover, Clearfield County, and Mary J. Klein, of Hastings. [She was from St. Lawrence. Another Klein/Kline married his brother, Jobe Stevens.]

North Cambria News, February 2, 1906
James McGlynn and Melissa Scott, of Arcadia [Indiana County] were married Monday at the St. Bernard's Rectory by Fr. Germain, OSB.

North Cambria News, February 16, 1906
License for D. J. McGonegal of Cresson and Mary E. Miller [d of John Miller and Sara German of Tunnell Hill], both of Gallitzin.

North Cambria News, September 7, 1906
Susie Simon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simon, and Binjamin Hadley of Emeigh Run, were married at six O'clock Wednesday evening at the home of the bride by Squire Goodfellow.

North Cambria News, February 16, 1906.
Mrs. John P. Fongheiser [Elizabeth Gardee] died ath her home at 3:20 Wednesday Morning. She was born in Hillsdale [Indiana County] on November 13, 1869, and was aged 36 years, 3 months and 1 day. She is survived by her step-mother, Mrs. E. F. Gardee, of Indiana; a brother and three sisters:
Mr. W.S. Gardee, Indiana;
Mary Kingsley, Hastings;
Sadie Armstrong, Hillsdale and
Mr. Frank A. Rice, of Gallitzin.
She was the mother of four children:
Mary, and

North Cambria News, September 28, 1906
J. P. Fongheiser, of Hastings, and Catherine Neibauer, of St. Lawrence, were married at nine o'clock Tuesday at St. Lawrence by Fr. Raphael. Attendants were Simon and Theresa Niebauer, brother and sister of the bride.

North Cambria News, September 28, 1906
License for Edward J. Denny of Cresson and Regina A. Leahey, of Lilly
License for Amandus C. Yeager of Hastings and Ellen Shaffer of Mineral Point.

North Cambria News, October 12, 1906
License for George H. Bush and Flora Stull, both of Patton.
License for Abraham Miller and Rosie Berosky, both of Gallitzin.

North Cambria News, December 6, 1907
License for Mark Washington, of Cresson [son of Henry and Sara McAlmond Washington] and Genevie Hall, of Frugality.

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