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I am probably at least partly responible for that.
I knew Agnes Bauman [Bowman] was a relative of Louise Glasser Bauman Swope, somehow. Someone listed Agnes as Louise's daughter on a list they sent me, so I accepted it.
I do not know if Louise ALSO had a daughter, Agnes, or if it was completely an error. I think that we should ACCEPT the parents on this death record, and eliminate Agnes Bauman, wife of John Abel, from the list of Louise Glasser's children.
[John Abel is the oldest child and son of Henry Abel and his first wife, Elizabeth Yahner. Henry's second wife was Margaret Glasser, the sister of Louise Glasser Bauman Swope.]
I do not have a list or descendency of the Bauman [Bowman] family, and would like to have one to straighten this all out. If anyone has one, I would love to have it.
Again, I am ASSUMING that John Bauman and Margaret Unknown, the parents of Agnes Bauman Able, are relatives of Joseph Bauman, husband of Louise Glasser. But I do NOT KNOW FOR CERTAIN that they are relatives, or if they are, what relatives.
Sorry for the error,

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ABEL, Agnes. Female. Age 40. Daughter of John Bowman [Bauman] and Margaret
[Married, Wife of John Abel] Born in Chest Township [St. Lawrence].
Housewife. Died September 30, 1901, in Elder Township. Rupture. Ill 3
days. Buried St Bernard's, Hastings.

For some reason I have this lady who is married to John Abel, the daughter
of Joseph Bauman and Louise Glasser.

Can anyone help me get this fixed?

Thanks so much,

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