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Subject: Origins of the Cambria County Death Records.
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Well, my notes are in rough alphabetical order.
The Books themselves, from 1893 to 1906, when the State took over Vital Statistics, are not in Alphabetical order. They are roughly in chronogical order.
Vital statistics were recorded at the time by a registrar in every town or township, actually Wards, and when the paper was filled, it was sent in and then copied by a clerk into the record books. [Some of these original lists are in the Files in the Old Jail Storage.] So they are roughly in chronological order.
Sometimes it is confusing, as larger towns with street addresses used the street address and didn't write the name of the town.
Also, if the death was not reported in the local district, it was not recorded in the Courthouse. Most deaths got recorded because it is hard to hide a dead body. But the Birth Records are a completely different story, especially among the foreign born who did not usually register births because of language and cultural differences. [Here you need to use the Church Records, as they usually baptized the babies.]
What I did was read though the books, page by page, and keep a sheet of loose leaf for each letter, filling in on that page as a found an entry. [I also did this with the bound or microfilmed newspapers.]
I only copied entries that I had some reason to copy, usually a relative or someone who I was researching for. The lists are not meant to be complete at all.
However, I know that the ones I have copied are useful to others. The response and additions to the information I posted has been tremendous.
Marilyn Kline Washington

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Does this continue through the rest of the alphabet?


Death Record, Cambria County Courthouse, Ebensburg, Pa.

DAILEY, Mary Jane. Female. Age 39. Married. Born Westover. Died May 8, 1895, in Susquehanna Township. Childbirth. Ill 2 weeks. Buried East Ridge Cemetery, May 10, 1895.

DIETRICK, Edwin. Male. Age 10 years. Son of Frank and Matilda C. [Fox]. Born in Carroll Township. Died December 27, 1897, in Carroll Township. Diphtheria. Ill 4 days. Buried Carrolltown, December 28, 1898.

ELDER, Margaret. Female. Age 75. Born Pennsylvania. Farmer. Died October 20, 1893 in Clearfield Township. Heart failure. Ill 15 minutes. Buried St. Augustine, October 21, 1893.

ELDER, Richard. Male. Age 83. Married. Born ? Farmer. Died May 5, 1898 at Palmer Avenue, Patton. Old age. Ill 2 years. Buried St. Augustine.

EBIG, Ellen [Eckenrode]. Female. Age 27. Born Allegheny Township. Died October 4, 1893. Lung Disease [TB?] Ill 4 months. buried Loretto, October 6, 1893.

ENTLER, Allen [Ellen?]. Female. Daughter of John Entler and Agnes [Vallery]. Born Barnesboro. Ill 15 minutes. Born and died June 24, 1902. Buried Spangler [Holy Cross?].

ENDLER, Agnes. Female. Age 10 months. Daughter of Charles and Rose [?]. Born McGee Avenue, [Patton?] Died September 20, 1900. Teething. Ill 3 months. Catholic Cemetery.
Note: If this is Charles, son of John Endler and Mary Glasser, they lived in Spangler.
This name is spelled both Endler and Entler. The letters "D" and "T" in German sound the same in English.

FLICK, Mary Helena. Female. Age 18. Daughter of Philip and Mary Frances [?] Born Allegheny Township. Died October 9, 1893. Spasms. Sudden. Buried Loretto, October 11, 1893.

FLICK, Mary L. Female. Age 64. Born Allegheny Township. Died August 7, 1894 in Carroll Township. Stomach Trouble. Ill 7 months. buried Carrolltown, August 10, 1894.

FLICK, Jane. Female. Age 27. Born Gallitzin. Died March 31, 1895, Devlin Street, Gallitzin. Consumption [TB.] Ill 4 months. Buried, St. Patrick's, April 2, 1895.

FLICK, George. Male. Age 75. Married. Born Allegheny Township [sic: born in Alsace, France.] Died May 9, 1899 in Allegheny Township. General Debility. Ill 1 year. Buried in Loretto, May 11, 1899.

FLICK, Charles. Male. Age 84. Born in France. Farmer. Died June 10, 1901, in Loretto Borough. Dropsy [congenital heart failure.] Ill 2 months. Buried in Loretto.

FLICK, Jane. Female. No age given. Born Allegheny Township. Died August 25, 1901 in Carrolltown. Old Age. Ill 8 months. Buried in Carrolltown.

FLICK, John. Male. Age 83. Born in France. Farmer. Died September 10, 1896, in Carroll Township. Ill 6 weeks. Buried, Carrolltown, September 14, 1896.

FLICK, Mary Ann. Female. Age 71. Married. Born Allegheny Township. Died June 13, 1897, in Allegheny Township. Pneumonia. Ill 1 month. Buried Loretto, June 17, 1897.

FEIGHNER, John Orville. Male. Age 15 month. Son of Albert and Frances [Campbell.] Born Spangler. Died June 30, 1889, in Carrolltown. Measles. Ill 2 weeks. Buried in St. Benedict's, July 1, 1898.

FEIGHNER, John [David.] Male. Age 84. Married. Born Carroll Township [sic: born in Germany.] Farmer. Died March 9, 1899 in Carroll Township. Inflammation of Kidneys. Ill 6 days. Buried Carrolltown, March 13, 1899.

HELFRICK, Nicholas. Male. Age 82. Married. Born Elder Township [sic: born Leimen, Rhein Pfalz, Germany.] Died June 29, 1893, in Elder Township. Old Age. Dropsy [Congenital Heart Failure.] Ill 2 years. Buried in St. Boniface, November 30, 1893.

HELFRICK, John. Male. Age 72 years, 2 months. Married. Born Bavaria [Leimen, Rhein Pfalz, Germany was originally called "Rhineland Bavaria."] Complications. Ill 2 months. Buried in St. Boniface, February 26, 1894.
Note: Hastings Tribune, Friday, March 2, 1894.
Mr. John Helfrick, of St. Boniface, died Saturday at the advanced age of 73 years. He had been ill several weeks, but had recently given evidence of improvement. Mr. Helfrick was one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Northern Cambria, as well as one of the pioneers of this region. He leaves behind him a large circle of descendants. The funeral occurred on Monday, when his remains wee interred in the Catholic Cemetery of St. Boniface. [Squire Paul Yahner is his executor.]

HELFRICK, Catherine. Female. Age 72. Daughter of Jacob Abel and Mrs. Abel. Married. Born in Danville, Montour County. Died March 23, 1894 at 608 Coleman Street, [Johnstown?] Cancer. Ill one year. Geistown Cemetery.
Note: I think this is the wife of Carl or Charles Helfrick.

HELFRICK, Joseph. Male. Age 75. Married. Born Germany [Leimen, Rhein Pfalz ] Farmer. Died August 12, 1895, in Susquehanna Township. Heart Failure. Sudden death. Buried in Carrolltown, August 14, 1895.
Note: I think he lived in Plattsville. His nephew, Peter Helfrick lived on a farm there for awhile. All the other Helfricks lived in Elder Township, near or in St. Boniface.

HELFRICH, Infant. No sex given. Age 1 hour. Son of Peter Helfrick [and Catherine Haas] of Hastings. Died June 4, 1895 on Bridge Street [East End, Hastings.] Buried in St. Bernard Cemetery, June 5, 1895.

HELFRICH, Reginald. Male. Age 6 weeks. Son of F[rancis] L. and Rose M. Born and Died in Spangler, on Bigler Avenue. Cattarrah. Ill 3 days. Buried in Carrolltown, December 22, [I forgot the date.]
Note: This name is spelled both Helfrich or Helfrick.

HOLTZ, Joseph. Male. Age 75. Married. Born in Germany. Farmer. Died August 12, 1895 in Susquehanna Township. Heart Failure. Sudden Death. Buried in Carrolltown, August 14, 1895. Note: married Mary Neltz.

HOLTZ, John. Male. Age 36. Married. Born Cambria Township, [near New Germany.] Carpenter. Died July 6, 1898 in Elder Township. Cause unknown. Ill 2 years. Buried in St. Bernard's, Hastings, July 8, 1898. Note: Son of Sebastian Holtz and Marie Schrier, husband of Mary Endler.]

HAHN, Margaret. Female. Age 5. Daughter of Andrew and Martha [?] Born and died in Elder Township. Died December 6, 1896. Croup. Ill 6 days. Buried in st. Boniface, December 8, 1896.

HAHN, Margaret. Female. Age 72. Widow. Born in Germany. Died February 10, 1889 in Johnstown. Buried in Grandview.

HUBER, Dennis. Male. Age 7 months. Son of Mark and Margaret [Trinkley?] Born Elder Township. Died February 11, 1900. Pneumonia. Ill 5 weeks. Buried in St.Bernard's, Hastings, February 12, 1900.

HUBER, Marie U. Female. Age 2 years, 2 days. Daughter of August Jr.and Mary [Semelsberger?] Born Patton. Father is Mason. Died May 16, 1902 in Patton. Congestion of Lungs. Ill 2 days. Buried St. Boniface, May 17, 1902.

HITE, Ambrose. Male. Age 20. Son of Raphael and Catherine [sic:Magdalena Bard.] Railroader. Died December 39, 1901, on West Branch, ORR, West Virginia. Killed Instantly. Buried Carrolltown, January, 1902.

INGLERT, John. Female. Age 62. Married. Born in Johnstown. Mill worker. Died July 4, 1902, in Hill Alley. Pneumonia. Ill 2 weeks. Buried in Geistown, July 6, 1902.

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