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Subject: Re: Martha E. Glasser Link-Dillon + Matilda Glasser Burley
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Although they do not all do so now, nuns and priests in religious orders--like the Benedictines or Franciscans--received a new name when they made their religious vows, and they were known only by that name. They seldom used last names.
Secular priests, that is, those belonging to a Diocese and the Bishop, tended to use last names. Rev. Fr. Paul Jones would be "Fr. Jones." However, if he were a member of the Benedictine order, Fr. Paul Jones, OSB, he would properly be referred to as "Fr. Paul." Sometimes a secular priest who was held in great affection, like Fr. Paul Thomas [Matilda Glasser Thomas' grandson] would be "Fr. Paul" instead of the more formal "Fr. Thomas."
After the "reforms" of Vatican II, most religious orders of women gave them the option of changing back to their baptismal name. Most of the ones who had the "odd" names did so, but many did not change. [Obituaries of elderly nuns often contain both names, so former school children will recognize the name of their teacher.]
My sister-in-law, Mary Rita Washington, became Sr. Marilyn, SSJ and she has kept that name. As far as I know, the religious orders of men did not change their names.
So Clara Ann Link would have had her name changed when she became a Sister of St. Joseph. Most religious orders gave the first name of "Mary," but it was not always part of the nun's commonly used name. So I don't know if she would have been referred to as "Sr. Mary Mechilds" or "Sr. Mechilds." I am not sure if that is the correct spelling, or the spelling as the newspaper heard it. I am not familar with the name.
The Seton Hill Sisters of Charity gave two names, but one was often not "Mary." Two of my favorite nuns were Sister Dorothy Marie, SC and Sister Rose Angela, SC.
The Benedictine nuns usually did not use "Mary" in the nuns common name--some of my Strittmatter g-aunts were Sr. Maura, Sr. Catherine, Sr. Ludwina and Sr. Scholastica.
Do you know where Raymond ended up?
I think I have the baptismal entries for the Link children--somewhere. I might have the Dillon child in my St. Bernard's records.

Which family does Matilda Glasser married to Ernest William Burley [Aug 23, 1892 - ??] belong to? Ernest is the son of Elmira Frances Cole and John William Burley, and he was born in St. Benedict in Carroll Township.
I don't know any more about this Matilda Glasser.

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In the Barnesboro Star Obit., the Raymond P. referred to is Raymond Peter Link, son of John Link.
I'm not sure who the "Sr. Mary Mechilds, SSJ" is. Could that be Clara Anna Link, and she changed her name completely when she took her vows?
As far as I know, Martha had three children with John Link; Stella Elizabeth (who died before age 5), Clara Anna, and Raymond. Martha, I believe, had just one child with Samuel Dillon which also died at a young age.
So it seems that Clara is the only canidate to be Mary Mechilds.
Whata ya think?


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