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Please delete my name from the list.

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> PACAMBRI-D DigestVolume 05 : Issue 472
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> #1 Re: [PaCambri] Miss Annie Thomas, []
> #2 Anthony "Tony" Entler, m Sara Gira []
> #3 Edward Abel, m Evangeline O'Neill, []
> #4 Demetrius G. Myers, m Mary M. Basa []
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> Subject: Re: [PaCambri] Miss Annie Thomas, d James J. and Matilda
> (Glasser) Thomas
> James J. Thomas was the son of John and Mary A. Campbell Thomas, and
> was born in Kaylor Station.
> The father of John was Michael Thomas, from Ireland, who emigrated.
> In 1820 he came to Cambria County--now mention of whether it was his
> first residence in the US. Michael died in 1835 and was married to Miss
> Mulhern, also Irish, had 4 sons and 4 daughters.
> John was the second child, a son born in County Donegal in 1792, and
> emigrated with his parents in 1820. He died on his farm at Kaylor
> Station in Sept 1887, only five days from being 100. [That is what the
> article in Storey says, but dates do not compute.] Educated in Ireland,
> taught school in Indiana and Cambria County, quit in 1864. Postmaster
> in Munster under Van Buren. Wife, Mary A. Campbell, died at age 57 in
> 1870. Her father was Patrick Campbell, native of the north of Ireland,
> who emigrated in 1807 to Cambria County. They had three sons and eight
> daughters, not listed.
> I am missing the second page of the article and need to look it up,
> which is why I did not just copy it.
> Hope this helps.
> Marilyn
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> Subject: Re: [PaCambri] Miss Annie Thomas, d James J. and Matilda
> (Glasser) Thomas
> Do you know which Thomas family James J. Thomas belongs with?
> Jim Thomas
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> Subject: Anthony "Tony" Entler, m Sara Girard [s John + Mary (Glasser)
> Endler]
> Barnesboro Star, Thursday, June 11, 1942
> Last rites were conducted at St. Patrick's Church [Spangler] today
> for Anthony Entler, 69, well known Spangler resident who died Sunday at
> Miner's Hospital [Spangler.] Burial was at St. Boniface Cemetery, St.
> Boniface.
> He was the superintendent of the Northern Cambria Water Company for
> 31 years.
> Mr. Entler was the son of John and Mary (Glasser) Endler. He was
> born in St. Boniface November 16, 1872. He married Sara Girard, who
> survives with the following children:
> Mrs Clair Gerstley, Croyden;
> Mrs. Bertha O'Rourke, Johnstown;
> Mrs. Viola Foxall, Barnesboro;
> Mrs. Eleanor Lutz, Easton;
> Mrs. Frances Patsch, Philadelphia;
> Leonard, Spangler;
> Mrs. Marcella Leon, Spangler;
> Norman, Detroit; and
> Delarose, at home.
> There are twenty-two grandchildren.
> He was the brother of:
> John Endler, Barnesboro;
> Charles, Detroit;
> Mrs. Katherine Vallery, Detroit;
> Mrs. Rose Semelesberger, St. Boniface; and
> Mrs. Theresa Cassidy, Johnstown.
> Note: For whatever reason, he spelled his name "Entler," not Endler, as
> did the rest of the family.
> Mary Glasser, his mother, was born in Leimen, Rhein Pfalz,
> Germany, as was his father. Mary was the daughter of George "The
> Tailor" Glasser, and his first wife.
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> Subject: Edward Abel, m Evangeline O'Neill, [s Henry Abel + Margaret
> Glasser]
> Ashville Centennial Book, ? Date ab. 1989
> Edward W. Abel (1879 - 1935) and Evangeline C. O'Neill (1887 -
> 1956) were married in 1915 [in St. Mary's, PA] and settled in Ashville
> where he was a Funeral Director.
> They were the parents of four children: Edward W. Jr., Betty,
> Robert J. and Mary Louise.
> Edward built the present Gibbons Funeral Home. He had formerly
> occupied the lower section of the present Chirdon home as the site of
> his funeral business.
> They moved to Washington, PA, in 1927, where he was engaged in
> the funeral business till his death. That business was then carried on
> by Mrs. Able and her sons, Edward Jr., and Robert, till 1986 when they
> retired.
> Both Edward Jr. and Betty attended St. Thomas School [in
> Ashville] before they moved to Washington, PA.
> Edward is now City Treasurer of Washington, PA.
> Betty is a teacher in Washington High School. She is married to
> Frank Krol and they have one daughter, Mary Louise.
> Robert retired as a funeral director in 1986. He is married to
> Mary K. Gruss and they are the parents of four children: Mary Ann
> Ferguson, Robert J. Faldowski, Edward W. Abel,III, and John R. Abel.
> Louise is a retired State and county employee.
> Note: Ed Abel was the son of Henry Abel and Margaret Glasser, his
> second wife. The Henry Abel Farm in Elder Township adjoined our farm
> where I grew up. Henry Abel raised fine quality horses. According to a
> writeup in one of the biographical books, he was in the Prussian
> Calvary. He was a fine horseman, according to my grandfather. The farm
> area was stripped in the 1950s and is now overgrown.
> Ed and my grandfather, Victor R. Kline, were the same age and
> were always good friends, and the Abel family continued to visit our
> farm for many years. As far as I know, all the family are still living.
> My aunt was just telling me that Ed Jr. had been to visit her.
> On of Ed Sr.'s last funerals in this area, before he moved, was
> that of my g-grandfather, Louis Kline, in 1927.
> Ed and Evangeline are buried in St. Boniface Cemetery.
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> Subject: Demetrius G. Myers, m Mary M. Basal [s George J. + Mary Meyers]
> Reprinted from an obituary that was printed in the Ashville Centennial
> Book, ? 1989.
> D.G. Myers of Ashville died in Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh on
> Sunday morning, April 7, 1901. Death was due to an infection of the
> liver.
> Demetrius Gallitzin Myers was born in Gallitzin Township, Cambria
> County on July 5, 1858, a son of George J. and Mary Myers. When a young
> man, he learned the blacksmith trade and was an apprentice to James A.
> Littlefield of Chest Springs. He followed his trade for several years
> at what was then Ashland [Furnace], but where Ashville now stands, and
> later in Loretto.
> In 1881, he and his brother, James, bought the livery stable in
> Loretto from J. A. Schwab and conducted it for three years. They then
> went to Ebensburg and became managers of the Mountain House. They
> conducted this hostelry for two years until they dissolved partnership
> and Demetrius moved to Ashville and embarked on the hotel business where
> he remained until his death.
> D.G. Myers was a respected and influential citizen and held several
> minor offices, all of which he filled with singular ability. In
> politics he was an ardent Republican and took an active part in party
> affairs being in attendance at many county, state and national
> conventions.
> On May 1, 1877, D.G. Myers and Mary M. Basal, daughter of Mr. and
> Mrs. Andrew Basal, were united in marriage at St. Augustine Catholic
> Church.
> Mr. Myers is survived by his sorrowing wife and the following
> children:
> George A. of Washington, DC,
> Catherine M.,
> Cora M.,
> Gertrude T.,
> Mary M.,
> Edith C., and
> Josephine II, all at home.
> His surviving brothers and sisters are:
> John A., of Patton,
> James F., of Altoona,
> Thomas H., and
> Joseph P. of Gallitzin Township; and
> Mrs. T. J. Stevens, of Gallitzin.]
> He is also survived by his aged parents.
> Note: This Myers family is the family of France Meyers, wife of Andrew
> Strittmatter, according to Leora Raebuck. I do not know the descent,
> however. Can anyone help me?
> Did the daughters ever marry? Who are the spouses of the
> children and siblings?

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