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John Pfeister took me up on my offer to look up death certificates and obits
at the Ohio Historical Society. Since several people made replies to
Marilyn's original posting, thought I would do a respond all instead of just
to John.

Death certificate, #73386
Place of Death: Montg (Montgomery County), Dayton
St. Eliz Hospital, 7 Ward
George Endler
1100 E First St
Marital status: not known
Age: 56 years
Occupation: labor
Birthplace: not known
Name of father: not known
Name of mother: not known
Informant: St. Eliz Hospital, Records, Dayton, O.
I hereby certify that I viewed remains on Dec. 31, 1925, at 6:30pm
Cause of death: Skull fracture, struck by auto - accident
Signed: John F. Torrence, M.D.
Dec. 31, 1925, Coroner, Mont. Co.
Place of burial or removal: Hastings, Pa.

The Dayton Journal, Dayton, OH, TH 31 DEC 1925, page 12

George Endler Walks Into Path of Automobile; Driver Held Blameless.

George Endler, 56, of First and Beckel streets, is not expected to live by
attaches of St. Elizabeth's hospital, where he was taken early last night
after he was struck by an automobile driven by P.W. Klinger, 235 Grafton
avenue, in front of 305 West Monument avenue. He has a fractured skull, a
broken leg and internal injuries.

According to information obtained by Police, Mr. Endler was attempting to
cross the street and walked in front of the automobile. The driver did not
notice the man until it was too late to avoid hitting him.

Police tested the brakes on the Klinger car and found them to be in good
condition. Tire marks on the street paving indicated that the brakes had
been applied before hitting Endler and the wheels skidded nearly 40 feet.
Klinger was not held by police.

The Dayton Journal, Dayton, OH, SAT 2 JAN 1926, page 3

Arrangements for the funeral of George Endler, 56 years old, of First and
Beckel strees (sic), who died Thursday night from injuries received when he
was struck by an automobile on West Monument avenue Wednesday night, had not
been completed last night. Arrangements are being made by the Robert
Riesinger funeral parlors.

The Dayton Journal, Dayton, OH, WED 6 JAN 1926, page 5

The body of George Endler, 56 years old, who died in St. Elizabeth's
hospital January 1 from injuries sustained when he was struck by an
automobile December 31, was taken to the home of relatives in Hastings, Pa.,
yesterday by the Robert Riesenger mortuary for funeral and burial.


And finally, because I was also interested in the family, I checked the
Williams Dayton city directories and came up with the following:

1889-90, no listing
1892-93, page 266
ENDLER, Geo, teamster, bds 140 W River, Dayton View
1895-96, page 297
ENDLER, Geo C, bar tender, bds 114 W River, Dayton View
1899-1900, page 355
ENDLER, Geo C, bartender, 403 W 5th, res same
1901-02, page 402
ENDLER, Geo F, hostler, wks Robertson & Co's, room same
1911-12, no listing
1914-15, no listing
1915-16, no listing
1916-17, page 395
ENDLER, Geo C, porter, 1101 E Springfield
1919-20, page 428
ENDLER, Geo C, porter, 1101 E Springfield
1923, no listing
1926, no listing

No copies, books marked "photocopying not allowed." Only Endler (also
checked Entler) listed.

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North Cambria News, Hastings, Thursday January 7, 1926


The funeral of George Endler, who died in Dayton, Ohio, January 2, was
held last Thursday morning with a high mass of requierm in the St. Boniface
church following with interment in the church cemetery.
Mr. Endler was struck by an automobile as he stepped from a curb on
December 31 [1925], receiving internal injuries which resulted in his death.
He was aged 56 years and was unmarried.
Deceased was a son of Mrs. Louis Endler, of St. Boniface, who survives
with the following brothers and sisters:
Mrs. Michael [Elizabeth] Holtz,
Mrs. Abe Crothers,
Mrs. Patrick McAndrew,
Fred Endler and
Michael Endler, all of St Boniface;
Mrs. F. W. [Cecelia] Lumadue, of this place [Hastings];
John Endler, of Denver, Colo.;
Mrs. Anthony [Mary] Kibler [formerly Mrs. John Holtz], of St. Lawrence
[later Akron, Ohio];
Frank Endler, of New York state;
Mrs. Fred Walters, of WilkesBarre; and
Louis Endler, of Ehrenfeld.

Note: Does anyone know the names of the spouses? The name of Mrs. Louis
Endler? She might have been a Semelsberger.

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