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It is out in the country between Carrolltown and Hastings. It is the place that the Weakland family donated land and they built the second church in Northern Cambria county. The road from Chest Springs to Eckenrode Mills, to Bakers's Crossroads, to Hart's Sleeping Place [and on to Canoe Place at Chreery Tree] is the Kittanning Trail of the Indians. John Hart was a trader,and Hart's sleeping place was a stop over on his journey.
By the Way, there is going to be this summer a commemoration of the Kittanning Trail during the 250 anniversary for the French and Indian War [also known as the Seven Years War in Europe.
Fr. Gallitzin had the church built there and mostly had his assisstant, Fr. Lemke, serve there. Fr. Lemke, for whatever reason, bought land and moved the church to what is now Carrolltown in about 1850. After that, St. Josephs was not open as a parish church till sometime after 1900 when Rembrant Peale established a mine at a new town he called ST. Benedict. Since the St. Joseph's church was near, it was reopened as a parish church for St. Benedict and the neighboring farmers. The cemetery is still open.
The Bishop says a Thanksgiving Mass every year. Other associations, like the Cathollic Daughters, use the church. It can be opened for weddings and funerals. I personally think it is a miracle that the church even exists, has not fallen to vandals or arsonists. No one seems to bother it.

DIRECTIONS: From the light at Carrolltown on RT 219 at ST. Benedict's Church, go north on Rt. 219 to the end of town, at the top of the hill. Rt 219 takes a sharp turn to the left, but you should keep going straight onto Sunset Road to the first intersection, now known as BAker's Crossroads. Turn LEFT onto Tower Road for about one mile. There is a sign pointing out the church. Turn LEFT at that sign onto STRIP Road. The church is along Strip Road about a mile on the left.
The church is kept locked, but you can walk around in the cemetery. There are several Cemetery lists at the Cambria County Historical Society.
There is a caretaker with whom you can make an appointment and have the church opened. I don't know the current caretaker, but St. Benedict's church can supply the name.
If you want to see the stone with the Harts Sleeping Place Plaque, keep on past the turn off to the church. The monument is on Tower Road about another mile further on on the left. The Kelly Monument Works made the memorial.

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Subject: [PaCambri] Harts Resting (Sleeping) Place, Carrolltown

Is anyone familiar with a place in Carrolltown, PA called Harts Resting Place or
Sleeping Place? I was recently on a trip to Cresson and tried to find it, but
was unsuccessful.

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