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From: "kathy ann kratochvioa" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 22:38:53 -0400

I remember the black salve, the muster plasters and all that good old stufff that Gramma would come after you with if you did one little cough or had a cut or bruise Does any one remember the oleo that came in a little round ball and you had some little tube that had yellow stuff in it and you put it in the ball and had to work it around till the whole thing turned yellow, maybe i am wrong on this but I remember we kids had to wait our turn to work the color into that oleo. And danelions greens and flowers were used a lot The old lady next door made wine from them every yr and everyone got there pint jar full from her. We also had to churn our own butter I am not that old but I do remember that some of the older people didnt go to store to buy things they made there own and it was much better than what you could buy.
We didnt get all these toys for christmas we got clothes and shoes and were happy with that. Gifts from other people were home made, bread , jelly, pies , cakes what ever. And we were happy to get that. Oh one last thing from back in the early 1940's We never locked our door or took the keys out of the car. Some one might need the car or something from the house and it was open to all. We always felt safe. My Uncle had a Ford with a rumble seat in the back and he would give us a ride up and down the street and that was better than any old store game , We also didnt have a TV only a big old radio. Kathy

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