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Subject: Re: [PACAMBRI] Parish Closings and church records ...
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 13:55:32 EDT

FYI - This is from a "priest friend" in the Johnstown area --

You can reassure your Cambria County genealogical friends that sacramental
records are never "lost" unless it's to a natural disaster. Since the diocese
doesn't store them anywhere other than in the church rectories, and cannot
relinquish them to a non-Catholic Church entity, whichever the successor
parish is to the ones in Cambria City will be the one housing all five sets. The
yearly Kenedy Directory of Catholic parishes nationwide, contains many a
notation such as "St. Sebastian Church (closed): See All Saints Parish." Anyone
needing a St. Sebastian record would then write to the designated successor

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