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Subject: [PACAMBRI] Building the Schwab Mansion--moving the existing building
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I wonder if the Loretto Springs Hotel was the original
building where Schwab built his house?????? Not just supplies for
the new house were lifted over the trees--so was the wooden building
that was located on the building site. I have a picture from the
newspaper. The way the house was raised up is simply unbelievable--it
could star on mega movers on TV.

Marilyn Kline Washington

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Interesting note for those who have been to the house Charles Schwab
on the hill top at Loretto. No trees were cut down. Cranes were brought
and building supplies were lifted up and over the trees.

The old Loretto Springs Hotel property, situated opposite the Schwab
property at Loretto, has been sold to Charles Schwab for $4,000. There
twenty acres in the lot and it is desired by John A. Schwab for
purposes, says the Johnstown JOURNAL. We infer that John is a goin’ to

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