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From: Pam <>
Subject: Re: [PACAMBRI] Lantzy Family Connection to Bernard Anthony Baker
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 22:21:35 -0600 (CST)

I was given one of Charles Lantzy's spiral bond books on his research via
someone else on this site. I am a decendent of the Lantzy family
My GGrandmother was Magdeline Lantzy who married Michael Kline. My
Grandfather was David Kline married to Stella Bearer and my mother was
Dolores Kline, their daughter

I would be happy to help anyone that is looking for specific information if
I happen to have it in this book.

Inside the book it states: A copy of this Genealogy will go to the
following institutions:

Pennsylvania State Archives, Harrisburg, Pa

Latter Day Saints at Salt Lake City, Utah

Cambria County Historical Society, Ebensburg, PA

The following libraries in the following towns: Patton, Barnesboro,
Spangler, Carrolltown and Hastings, all in Cambria Co., PA

I hope this helps all.

Pam Esposito

Nov 11, 2009 05:23:42 PM, [1] wrote:

Dear Theresa,

You asked how you could get in touch with the Charles Lantzy family
genealogy specifically in regard to your father's mother-Mary Jane
Lantzy.You also stated that you had been told that his work had been
posted on line. I have not found any on-line postings for Charles Lantzy
data by him or other researchers except for isolated specific ancestors.
I knew Charles and he and I shared a lot. In fact he sent me quite a
bit of data specifically on the Lantzy Ancestry which I will share with
you on your father's mother Mary Jane Lantzy. Before I begin with the
Lantzy(s) I'll start with your Baker Ancestry.

1.Anthony Baker (died 7 September 1873) married Appolonia Ochs from
Baden, Germany (died 18 April 1879)
2.Theodore Baker (14 October 1833/4-4 May1892) married Ellen
Elizabeth McCombie
3.George Baker (7 July1861-16 January 1925) married Sarah C. McMullen
(May 1862-6 Npvember 1940)
4 BERNARD ANTHONY BAKER (14 September 1885-3 July 1965 married twice:
first in 1914 Mary Jane Lantzy (1888-13 January 1919)
dtr of Joseph Lantzy and Margaret Weiland (See below)
Note: She probably died from complications
delivering a stillborn child 0n 27 December 1918. She had four childre
Vernon Baker in 1916, Willard in
1917,Rita in 1918 and a stillborn baby on 27 December 1918
second in 1920 Melissa M. Sutton (7 March 1895-3
August 1964) dtr of John C. Sutton and Ellen Noonan. She had
eight children: Alberta Baker in
1926, Eleanor in 1928, John Gordonn 1921, Mary Emily in 1923,
Regis in 1926, George John in April
1930, Donald Louis in 1938, Patrick J. in May 1939.


1.Joseph Lantzy (9 August 1780/90-28 February 1869) married Mary
Ursula Bitters(19 March 1795- June 1881) (Immigrants)
2.John Lantzy (24 March 1827-23 July1901) marriedMary Whitehead (25
October 1830/1-13 September 1910)
3.Joseph A. Lantzy (11 June 1848-25 February 1926) married Margaret
Weiland (December 1852-25 March1922)dtr of Nicholas
Wyland and Elizabeth Smith
4.MARY JANE LANTZY (May 1888-13 January 1919) married in 1914 as his
first wife Bernard Anthony Baker 4 (See above).

From: Theresa Erwin <[2]>
To: William Kirkpatrick <[3]>
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 3:33:14 PM
Hi, It has been quite a while since I heard from you. Hope all is well.
I meant to write and tell you that the genealogy I sent you of the Cashers
was not set up by me. I don't know who was the creator. I got it from Carl
Shiber and also from Patrick Casher son of my mom's brother Patrick. I
only added my part and followed the original setup.
I have a question for you?
How can I get info about the genealogy of Lantzy family that is supposed
to be online as family of Charles Lantzy. This is the family of my
father's mother Mary Lantzy Baker who died in the flu epidemic of 1919?
A relative told me it is on line but did not tell me how to go about
getting it. Can you help me learn the address to inquire to? I would
appreciate it.
Luv Terry
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