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Subject: [PACAMBRI] Thomas Adams = Mariah Huber
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Who is Mariah Huber? What family?
By the way, the German pronounation for Marie/Mary is Mariah, so
keep that in mind for baptismal names.

Marilyn Kline Washington

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More information and corrections on the three Thomas Adams.

Update to previous post re: three Thomas Adams. Information source:
Gary Kriss

>The Thomas Adams Family:
>St. Augustine Cemetery:
>1. Thomas Adams b. 24 Aug 1824 bp. 5 Sep 1824 s/o Joseph Adams and
>Mary Inlow; d. 6 Nov 1873 buried St. Augustine Cemetery
>1st h/o Anna Smith-Adams Scanlan **From Gary Kriss: wife is
>incorrect--this Thomas Adams married Mariah Huber

>2. Thomas W. Adams b. 6 Jul 1817 bp. 3 Aug 1817 s/o William Adams and
>Eva Sanker d. 19 Nov 1891 bur. 21 Nov 1891 St. Augustine Cemetery
>Married 1) 4 Jul 1843 Catherine Fetters
>Married 2) Catherine Unknown ? (See notes) **From Gary Kriss: This
>lady is a mystery--no one researching the family seems to have
>her. As is often the case, the 1880 census has ages skewed, but it
>does look like the right family.

>3) Thomas Adams Sr. b. 10 Nov 1792 Huntingdon Co. s/o Joseph Adams
>and Elizabeth Haines d. 20 Aug 1871 bur. St. Augustine Cemetery
>Married Rachel Bridget McGuire
>St. Michael Cemetery:
>4) Thomas P. Adams Jr. b. 14 Jan 1823 bp. 26 Feb 1823 s/o Thomas
>Adams and Rachel Bridget McGuire d. 6 Nov 1823 bur. St. Michael
**From: Gary Kriss re: above entry - First of all, please note:
Thomas Adams b. 1-14-1823, d. 11-06-1823, did not exist. See
correction in Vol 2 of Ledoux, page 75: 2143 ADAMS, Thomas (#3531,
Vol. I) read d. 1873. I have no idea how he got mixed into the
Loretto records, but I have always been suspicious of him. The two
deaths on Nov 6, decades apart was too much of a coincidence. Also,
the parents of both Thomases are always identified as Thomas and
Rachel. They could not have had two sons named Thomas born on the
same day, one of whom died and one of whom lived. The birthdate on
the real Thomas Jr's headstone is wrong (1822) but even if it were
correct why would the same parents name another son Thomas a year
later? It doesn't add up--and Ledoux solves the problem with this
correction. So Thomas Adams, b. 1823, should be removed from the St
Michael's index. He isn't there.

Thomas is alive and well and living with his parents in 1850. ~dnj
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