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Subject: [PACAMBRI] Local News 1 August 14 1908 Cambria Freeman
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Cambria Freeman, Ebensburg, Pa.

Friday, August 14, 1908

Volume 42, Number 21

**[Newspaper mostly
blurry and faded]


Local and Personal

The venerable George Huntley, the well known
High Street hardware man, who was called to Berry, Vermont, some two weeks ago
on account of the serious illness of his sister – Mrs. Clarinda Conant - the
oldest of the family, 85 years, is still at that place. At last accounts, the condition of his sister
remains unchanged.

Miss Helen Saup of Altoona is visiting Charlotte Kimball in this place.

Miss Carrie Smith of Big Bend is visiting the Misses Ethel and Ruth Smith
in this place

Mrs. Alice Ann Sensebaugh of Jackson Township is confined to her bed with typhoid fever.

Chas. Smith and wife of Wilkesbarre are visiting
at the home of Wm. Smith in the East ward.

Charles Boney has taken the contract for
wiring the residence of Councilman Thomas D. Evans.

William Muhlenberg and wife have been moving
their furniture to their newly-remodeled residence on Centre street.

Dr. and Mrs. Butler Roberts of Pittsburg are
visiting at the home of Dr. Robert’s father – C. T. Roberts on High street.

Wm. Davis Esq. lost a valuable dog on Tuesday
evening last. He was out buggy riding
with his dog in the buggy when the canine suddenly jumped out in front of Judge
Barker’s automobile, with the result that he was so badly injured that he had
to be killed.

Mrs. Mary Dunegan and her daughter, Miss
Hortense, of St.
are visiting Mrs. A. E. Bender and Mrs. Maggie Brooks, daughters of the former
and sisters of the latter at the Hotel Bender.

Mrs. Ig Adams and daughter of St. Augustine who visited at the Hotel Bender for several
days last week have returned to their home.
Mrs. Adams is a sister of Mrs. Bender and of Mrs. Brooks.

Ex-Sheriff Blair is once more able to be on
our streets and it would not surprise any person who knows the ex-sheriff to
see him live to cast his vote for Wm. J. Bryan next November.

Mrs. Goodwin of this place has been confined
to her room for the past two weeks with a severe cold.

Frank Gibson, the genial clerk at the
Mountain House, is quite ill with an attack of bilious fever.

Miss Marie Foster of Altoona is the guest of Mrs. Irene Hamilton at her
home in this place.

Mrs. Kessler of this place is spending
several days with friends and relatives in Lock Haven.

Miss Mabel McCreery of Washington is visiting at the home of William Davis in
this place.

Mrs. Evans of Washington is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred Tate of
this place.

Miss Ethel Jones of Youngstown, O., is visiting relatives in this place.

Miss Martha Jones of this place is visiting
friends in Loretto.

Mrs. Tim Jones spent several days in Altoona last week.

Ashville Items

Joseph Gauntner, wife and family of St. Augustine visited relatives in town on Sunday.

Patrick Carrig of McKees Rocks visited
friends and relatives in town the former part of the week.

John Cawley of this place made a business
trip to Altoona Saturday.

We are glad to note that Miss Edna Mansfield
of this place is able to be around again after an attack of typhoid fever.

The mule belonging to the Ashville Coal &
Coke Company had its leg broken on the railroad on Saturday and had to be shot.

Mr. Augustine Dougherty of this place was an Altoona visitor on Tuesday.

Edward Banigan of Dudley visited his brother, Luke, of this place
over Sunday.

Thomas Elder of this place returned Tuesday
evening after visiting relatives in Altoona.

Messrs. Robert Burgoon of East Sharpsburg and brother, Ross of Gallitzin, were
visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Burgoon of this place Sunday.

The Sick of

Edward Griffith
Slowly Sinking

Robert James Passes Restless Night

The venerable Edward Griffith of the West
ward, whose serious illness have been heretofore noted in THE FREEMAN, was
today reported to be slowly sinking into the last sleep. His wonderful vitality
has long kept him alive for some time, but a marked change in this condition is
said to have taken place within the past thirty-six hours.

Robert R. Jones, who is ill at the home of
his son-in-law – Deck
- passed a restless night; but was resting well this forenoon. He is upwards of eighty years of age and
until his present illness never knew what it is to be sick.

Pleasant Trip to St.

Miss Margaret Rhey and several of her lady
friends including, Mrs. Robert Scanlan, Mrs. James Scanlan, Mrs. J. G. Lloyd,
Mrs. Maud K. Collins and the Misses Blanch Henry, Margaret Myers and several
others were driven to St. Michael in three of O’Hara & Luther’s livery rigs
Tuesday last and after seeing the sights and partaking of dinner in the new
coal town returned to Ebensburg about 7 o’clock the same evening, much pleased
with the trip and the pleasant time enjoyed by all.

Pleasant Auto Trip

Mark Fraley on Tuesday last took A. W. Buck
and H. H. Myers on an auto trip to Blandburg, Reade Township. The
weather was ideal for autoing (sic) and the roads especially from St. Augustine to Blandburg are represented as being far
superior for traveling to the roads surrounding Ebensburg, having been entirely
free from dust and as smooth as a floor.

Youth Engaged in
Highway Robbery

Youthful Highwayman
Holds up Altoona Contractor on the Mountain

While out driving on a mountain road five
miles west of Altoona on Wednesday afternoon last, Charles Straney, a plumbing
contractor of the Mountain City, his mother and daughter were held up by a
highwayman at the point of a revolver, compelled them to get out of the buggy
and give up their cash, when he jumped into the buggy and drove off. He had not
calculated well on the utility of the modern telephone, however, as he was
intercepted when near the Buckhorn Hotel on the mountain near the Cambria County line.
He was identified as Charles Parnell of Altoona, a youth of about seventeen years and of
small stature. Novel reading is blamed
for his early downfall from the path of rectitude.


Altoona, Pa., Aug. 13

A tarantula caused a panic on a crowded
business street. It was in a bunch of
bananas and ran down a fruit dealer’s arm, dropping to the sidewalk. People
scattered in all directions until a heavy foot killed it.

Miss Martha Foust

Altoona, Pa., August 13

Miss Martha Foust, daughter of Pure Food
Commissioner James Foust of this city, was seriously poisoned by eating cold
storage fish at Mackinac, Mich., whither she accompanied her father to attend the pure food

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