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Subject: [PACAMBRI] Hasting Tribune; 2 Feb 1894, Part 1
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The Tribune
Hastings, PA
FRI 2 FEB 1894
VOL. V, NO. 44

Page 1, Column 2

She Was Particular.

A young man of Nicktown recently saw the name of Katie Paradise, of Bloomington, Ill., in a matrimonial paper and started a correspondence with her. Matters progressed all right and a few weeks ago the verdant youth “popped the question” and was accepted. His future bride came to Ebensburg on Thursday of last week, where she met him and demanded to see the property he claimed to own, so they drove out to Nicktown to inspect it. She evidently was not satisfied with the future husband’s prospects, as she told him on their return to that place that she would not marry him. She took her departure on Saturday, leaving a disappointed young man to wend his weary way homeward. An Ebensburg man, on hearing the story, said; “Paradise lost again.”

- - -

No Beech Creek.

The Herald has made extensive inquiries and learns that the Beech Creek Railroad has no notion of extending its line from Mahaffey to Johnstown. This statement is made on the authority of A. G. Palmer, of Jersey Shore, one of the directors of the Beech Creek Railroad, who visited Patton on Friday. Mr. Palmer said that he knew absolutely nothing of such a project, and that he would certainly be acquainted with the proposed road even before it had been surveyed. – Johnstown Herald.

- - -

The Altoona “Gazette’s” Offer.

Last year the Altoona Gazette conducted an educational contest open to all young ladies in Blair County, promising to send the winner for one year to Indiana Normal. Miss E. Blanche Beamer, the daughter of a deceased soldier and a worthy young lady, won the prize and is at present enjoying the benefit of it. The Gazette will repeat the contest this year; it will open February 1st and continue six months.
- - -

He Rued Bargain.

Some time since it was announced that Geo. B. Brandon had sold his big hotel at Spangler to Geo. W. Jose, of LaJose. Mr. Jose runs a fine hotel at his present location, and he had sold it also. His purchaser seems to have backed out, however, and Mr. Jose has also refused to take the Brandon. A suit for damages is one of the possibilities.

- - -

Not one minute elapses between the taking of One Minute Cough Cure and relief. Why shouldn’t people take One Minute Cough Cure? They should. They do. E. F. Spencer.

- - -

{bottom half of page not copied}

Page 1, Column 3

Farmer’s Alliance.

The Farmers’ Alliance Convention which met at Ebensburg on Monday was attended by delegates representing a membership of more than one thousand. The convention embraced the most intelligent farmers of the county and was very harmonious and interesting.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Ira Bloom, of Cambria Township; vice president, John Itell, of Portage; secretary, John Wright, of Wilmore; assistant secretary, Alex. Strittmatter, of Carrolltown; Treasurer, Thomas J. Hughes, of Wilmore; steward, Thomas G. Parish, of Loretto; lecturer, Thomas W. Hughes, of Ebensburg; county organizer, Ira Bloom; doorkeeper, W. R. Hughes, of Cambria Township; assistant doorkeeper, W. D. Gooderham, of Carroll Township; executive committee, J. J. Thomas, T. V. Hughes, and Alex. Strittmatter.

- - -

Killed at the Fair.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Frank Gable, of Johnstown, while on a visit with his parents to the World’s Fair last October, has been cleared up by the finding of his his [sic] body in Lake Michigan. The body was found on January 28th, and was identified by a receipt in the pocket of his vest. From marks on the body and from the fact that the young man’s watch and money were missing, it is supposed that he was the victim of foul play.

- - -

No Trace of Bookamire.

Up to this time no trace has been found of Jacob Bookamire, who is accused of the murder of John Cunningham, near Purchase Line. The fugitive was seen in this place since the murder, but it was before the news had been received. By some people it is believed that he has desires on the life of his wife, of whom he was intensely jealous, and that he will linger in this vicinity on that account.

- - -

School Report.

The following is a report of Hoover School No. 5, in Elder Township, for month ending January 23, 1894:

Whole number in attendance, males, 23; females, 20; total 43. Average attendance during month, males, 20; females, 17; total 37. Average attendance during term to date, males, 19; females, 16; total 35. Per cent of attendance during month, males, 91; females, 88; total 89-1/2. Per cent of attendance during term to date, males, 88; females, 87; total 87-1/2.

Following are the names of those that did not miss a day during month: Vincent Westrick, Silas Eckenrode, Hugh Eckenrode, Simon Eckenrode, Frank Bradley, Willie Westrick, Andrew Westrick, John Aplicoby, James Gray, Josephine Gray, Lucy Platt, Alina Bradley, Lizzie Hornauer, Jennie Samuels, and Jessie Samuels.

Max Hornauer and Luke Bush each missed one-half day.

The following have missed no days since school began: Silas Eckenrode, Simon Eckenrode, James Gray, Josephine Gray, and Lizzie Hornauer.

Number of visits, 10.

- - -

Borough Nominations.

On Saturday the Republican voters of Hastings made the following nominations for Borough offices:

Burgess, A. G. Neff; Council, C. L. Forsburg, E. F. Spencer; School Directors, A. B. Clark, Wm. Haywood; Judge of Election, R. C. Davis; Inspectors, Chas. McTaggart, Jacob Walker; Collector, R. W. Henry; Auditor: J. B. Decker.

On Monday evening the Democratic primary was held, and the following gentlemen selected as candidates:

Burgess, A. Anna; Council, C. F. Frazier, F. X. Yahner; School Directors, A. Lantzy, E. M. Yahner; Judge of Election Pat Kinney; Inspector, Orvile Keough; Collector, John A. Baker; Auditor, R. B. Spangler.

- - -

>From Loretto.

Mr. Dominic Noon, one of the most worthy and popular young men in this community, is lying dangerously ill of pneumonia at his home in Carroll township. His illness is the result of a severe attack of grip.

Mr. Adam Rudolph is dangerously ill. He has been prostrated for several weeks.

Mrs. Henry Buck, of Carroll Township, and Mrs. W. J. Buck, of Allegheny Township, visited friends at Altoona this week.

Mr. Jas. J. Kaylor, whose serious illness has been frequently mentioned in your columns, is slowly regaining his health. His recovery is regarded as very remarkable.

{bottom third of page not copied}

Page 1, Column 4

License Applications.

Two hundred and forty-five applications for liquor license have been filed in the Prothonotary’s office at Ebensburg. Last year the number was 279, thirty-four more than this year. In Hastings the applications are as follows:

Retail, Charles Kinney, John A. Park, Marshall Gilpatrick, E. L. Beckwith, John A. Platt, W. L. Nicholson, Frank Wargo, Elmer Nagle, Michael Nagle, William Townsend; wholesale, S. H. Charles, Andrew Lantzy, J. M. Notley.

Carrolltown – Retail, Albert Flick, Julius Rager, Lawrence Schroth, A. H. Haug, Vincent J. Stoltz, John Glasser; brewers, C. A. Farabaugh, B. A. Blum; wholesale, Vincent Reig & J. W. Dumm, John J. Hauk.

Patton – Retail, H. C. Berk, John Kudruff, J. M. Robinson, Simon M. Wilson, Ed Mellon, E. D. Curran; wholesale, Walter J. Weakland, Chas. A. Laughlin, Samuel Kelly and John Boyce, Peter P. Young, Joseph F. Marks, and John F. Bonner.

Spangler – Retail, Fred Radcliffe, Geo. B. Brandon, James A. Kirkpatrick, Francis H. Bearer; wholesale, M. C. Westover.

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