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Subject: [PACAMBRI] New Facts about Adam Miller
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 21:25:21 -0500 (EST)
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Hastings Tribune, Feb 2, 1894
Application for Registration for the manufacture and vendor of beverages Know as Mineral Waters
[bottles round with names or words impressed or stenciled up them]

First Class: John N. Houck and Brother [Carrolltown]
Hastings Bottling Works, Hastings, PA
Second Class: Gregory Miller, Hastings PA [Gregory is Andrew Miller's, his first bottling works was in St. Boniface.]
Third Class: C.A. Grumbling, Cherry Tree [Grant Post Office] PA
Fourth Class: Star Bottling Company [no place given]
Fifth Class:Davis and Worchester, Berningham Ale [no place given]
Sixth Class: Jacob Bettinger, Shendoah, PA

Hastings Tribune, Aug 31, 1894

Sheriff Sale of property of Andreas Miller of St. Boniface
lot and two story farm house
Blacksmith Shop, stable
$ 100

Marilyn Kline Washington

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Glad to help you and thanks for the help you gave me. Jane did most of the looking up. This Andrew Miller has been driving me crazy for years.

So you feel that the Catherine Muller buried in St. Boniface is the WIFE of Steven, and NOT THE MOTHER of Steven, John Frederick, Jacob, Peter and Michael? Or is there insufficient data?

Where did all of these sons live? Were there any daughters? Is Peter the Beck who is in the Nicktown area?

I see if his name is John Frederick, that is why sometimes he is John and others he is Fred. I had thought there were two of the Becks, but puzzled about the wife/wives.

[I am sorry to report that the roll of film I finally found and got developed was NOT the one with the picture of the Beck farm. I will probably find it somewhere. I will take some more pictures. It is a little awkward because you can't park along the road there by Westricks.]

My Feighner relatives lived in Washington Township while working on the Portage RR. John Flick, who married Elizabeth Sharbaugh, is his brother in law as he [John} married Mary Ann Flick. Do you think the Becks worked on the RR? I did know the years that Washington Township was formed and later divided. Later both families moved to near Carrolltown. Some other Feighners, his brothers, I think, moved to the hard coal region.

Robert Miller felt that Andrew Miller married to Catherine Seymour, his family, might have married a second time, and he thought [possibly] the maiden name of that Catherine Miller/Muller was Nagle.

Marilyn Kline Washington

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Yes, this is my Beck family. Catherine (unknown maiden name) and Michael Beck immigrated to US from Germany via Le Havre, France aboard the ship Hector and arrived approximately June 12, 1848. Catherine and her sons are on the 1850 census, in Washington Twp. Sons: Stephen, b. 1824/1825, John Frederick, b. 6/8/1826, Jacob, b. 1829, Peter, b. 9/__/1835, Michael, b. 1839. We have been able to verify and trace marriages for all but Stephen. Ledoux does list Catherine Beck, the widow as marrying Andrew Mueller/Miller. Never thought that the Catherine Miller buried in St. Boniface in 1869 could be this original Catherine Beck!!!
Great clue and we'll check further on this. We were under the assumption that this Catherine Beck, the widow may have been a Catherine that married the Stephen Beck above. We have traced all the sons except Stephen as to marriage and death, etc. If either of you have info on the Catherine Mueller/Miller buried in St. Boniface, sure would appreciate it.
Washington Twp. tax records read: 1850 - Stephen and John as Single Freeman
1851 - Jacob, Stephen and John as Single Freeman
1852 - Stephen, John and Jacob as Single Freeman
1853 - Stephen and John as Single Freeman
1854 - Stephen and John as Single Freeman
1855 - Stephen and John as Single Freeman
1856 - Stephen no longer listed - John is listed as paying taxes
1857 - Jacob listed as paying taxes
1858 and 1859 - No Beck listings
1860 - Michael is listed as Single Freeman and Jacob as paying taxes
1861 thru 1865 - Jacob and Michael listed
John had moved on from Washington Twp. Jacob stayed there, Michael became of age in 1860 to be listed as a Single Freeman we assume because then he was 20 yrs. of age.
We have not been successful in locating much on Stephen after 1855 BUT THE CLUE ABOVE MAY TELL US THAT HE MARRIED AND THEN DIED AND THE WIDOW MARRIED ANDREW MUELLER. Thanks for the clue; we'll keep checking and if you hear anything, please let me know.

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