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Subject: [PACAMBRI] PA 34th Infantry Regiment-Civil War
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 08:47:32 -0500 (EST)

I spent an interesting day yesterday with my son and two grandsons, who
live in McAlevy's Fort. We traveled to Gettysburg to see a display in the
museum there, to see the belt and belt buckle worn by my Great Great Uncle,
when he was wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg. Major Frank Zentmyer,
had his leg shot off during the battle and was taken to Libby Prison in
Richmond, where he died on December 31, 1862. His brother, Lt. David
Zentmyer died during the battle also, Their sister, Isabella Zentmyer, married
David Kinch, who was the 2nd mayor of Altoona in 1871-72. They had 12
children, one of which, Elizabeth was my grandmother. The belt is displayed in
a glass case with other personal items of soldiers. His photo, taken in
Wash. DC. when he was still a Captain is also shown with an explanation of
where he died. The Zentmyers were from Huntingdon, County around Huntingdon
Furnace, Spruce Creek etc. Another soldier, named Broder, who is also
featured in his own large display of artifacts, had this belt with other
items in his collection and a relative of his, donated these various items to
the Museum during the 1970's. There is no explanation as to how the belt
came into his possesion. Two of Isabella's children lived up into the
middle 1980's in Altoona. They of course were my great-aunts, Isabella and Alma
Kinch. Both were old-maids and we had many family dinners together.
They never spoke of the War. Perhaps they were cautioned by their Mother not
speak of it, since it was such a tragedy for her personally.

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