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Subject: Re: [PACAMBRI] Maternity Hospital Barnesboro
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 17:22:53 -0500
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Just had to comment here. Yes I had a grand uncle who was pronounced
dead twice in his life time and was tagged and placed In the morgue. A
doctor checking things out said this man is still alive so they
treated it as life. Sure enough he was. He went onto live over 20
years of combined time after each death notice. He outlived his 8
natural siblings and 4 step siblings and 2 half siblings. He was 86
when he died in 2001.


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On Mar 10, 2012, at 9:56 AM, "Wayne F. Williams" <>

> I remember going to Miner's Hospital in the 1960s (I think) to visit
> my
> grandfather (Henry J. Boland) when he had a half-dozen things wrong
> with
> him. He remembered the doctor saying he would die before morning,
> but went
> on for another 20 years or so. Is the following correct:
> 1. On a hill in (or above) Spangler?
> 2. Run by a very aged doctor? What was his name?
> 3. A ten-bed hospital?
> 4. All in a single open floor?
> 5. By the 1960s the beds were kind of rusty and creaky?
> Wayne Williams
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> No, wrong hospital. I know Miners, was born there myself in 1941.
> They don't do babies anymore, but there is an underground of girls
> who show
> up at the ER for delivery that they don't want to publicize. I
> asked after
> a woman had an accident and went into labor. Her 3 or 4 year old
> got 911,
> who brought the lady to Miner's. It got into the paper and I
> asked. I am
> nosey.
> The new hospital is really neat, has local visits [about once a
> month] from every specialist you can imagine, lots of out patient
> services,
> an ER with a helicopter and radio consultant 24 hours, and lots of
> educational and support meetings. Lots of parking, too. Having a
> local
> hospital is great. When they were on strike, I ended up driving 30
> miles
> with my accident prone son or his friend for the ER.
> This place was in Barnesboro, across the Walnut Creek [and old
> RR] on
> what used to be Caroline Street [with the trolley] and is now
> Crawford. If
> you know the area now, it is across the street from Widman's
> Pharmacy and
> Charlestons and Sheetz.
> It was just for having babies, a Maternity Hospital. All I know
> is the
> article I posted.
> I asked an older lady about the hospital and she told me where the
> building was located. It is a three story yellow brick building and
> has a
> store in the front, Wojec Jewelers, and has apartments above,
> reached by
> stairs outside. That was all she knew, she was older but too young
> to have
> had a baby there. I have read most of the old newspapers and didn't
> come
> across anymore. It must have been fairly large for it to be three
> stories
> and a lot deep. I always read the births at the hospital section, and
> didn't see another hospital's births listed.
> For once, in this area, the miners got something before
> everyone
> else. Both Miner's Hospital, Colver Hospital and Windber Hospital
> provided
> births in a hospital earlier than most women used them. Although
> one lady
> was telling me last week that in Colver, where she was born into an
> emigrant
> family, Dr. Martin came to the house and then came every day for a
> week to
> check up--his rounds. Did you ever meet Doc Martin? When I started
> watching House on TV, it was because he reminded me of the Doc.
> Even the
> voice--Doc was Canadian and House is British.
> The doctor's might have really been Early and the name in the
> paper
> a typo. I don't know. There were three Dr. Early's, right? We had
> one in
> Hastings near my house and my sister and his daughter were friends.
> Thanks for helping. If you know anyone older from Barnesboro,
> perhaps
> you could find out more?
> Marilyn Kline Washington
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> Subject: Maternity Hospital Barnesboro
> Barnesboro Star, Thursday, December 12, 1928
> A Maternity Hospital has been opened in Barnesboro by Dr. E. T. Ealy
> on 10th
> Street.
> Note: Does anyone know anything about this hospital, where it was
> located,
> or about Dr. Ealy? [I am sure it said "Ealy" and not Dr. Early, who
> I know
> about.}
> I was born in this hospital in 1930. It was called Miners' Hospital
> and was
> located in Spangler, PA. It was moved to Hastings, PA. in the 90s
> and the
> building in Spangler was torn down.
> If you want specific info on it perhaps I can find something for
> you. The
> only doctor I know of was Early.
> Ed Belcher
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