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Subject: [PACAMBRI] Tozer and Willard Ling WW II Vet honored
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 18:28:29 -0500 (EST)
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I don't know anyone named Ling, but Tozer is a name I recognize. The Tozier [french spelling] name is a family in Clearfield County who came from either/or both NY and NJ like my grandmother's family. Solomon Tozier was one of the witnesses for my g-grandfather's Civil War pension. There was also a Ralph Tozier. The name soon became spelled "Tozer."
There were quite a few French names in this area, mostly French Canadians from Quebec, who were lumbermen along the Susquehanna. The little town of Newburg [official name] is called by all the locals La Jose [lay joose] for the Frenchman who built a hotel there. [ It is still in business because of the bar and its use with the hunters and fishermen.]
In Fr. Modestus Wertner's History of the Benedictine parishes, he mentions that the early priests at Carrolltown went to the lumber camps along the Susquehanna to say mass for the Frenchmen.
If anyone else knows anything about the Tozier-Tozer family, I would appreciate hearing about them.

There were also lumbermen from Maine, some of whom remained in this area. Chest Springs at that time was a lumber town, with multiple hotels, saw mills and a shook [barrel making] establishment. There was a Methodist Church and cemetery there where the Libby family were buried, as most of the "Yankees" were Protestant. The Libby family lived along the Clearfield-Cambria County line near my farm home. There is still a Libby Road there, there was a hill called Libby Knob, and a Libby School. The father had two sons, both of whom were in the Civil War, and one of them later became the local doctor in St. Boniface and then Hastings. I got in touch with the Libby family in Maine.

Marilyn Kline Washington

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Subject: [PACAMBRI] Willard Ling WW II Vet honored

Willard Ling of Johnstown was a WW II vet honored by a photo and mention in
the 2004 WW II Memorial calendar. The photo is probably the one posted on
the WW II Memorial website by his family, but pretty cool to have a family
member honored in this way.
If any relative wants the calendar, I'll mail it to you. Just email me off
list. I just have the one calandar I saved.
I did see the 2012 obit for Willard's brother, Clifford Ling, buried at
Grandview. Read that as I think this is Willard's brother.

Other relative's names included in Clifford's obit are
Lowman Ling (father)
Mildred Tozer (mother)
Irma E. Benson of Richland (sister)
Lois Silk of Southfield, MI (sister)
Ronald & Jean Ling of Parma (brother)
nieces and nephews not named.

Both my parents were WW II vets. If they were honored with a name and photo
like Willard was, I'm sure one of the grandkids would want the calendar.
Regards, Jane Tripp

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