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I've worked with those 1852-1855 records in my county. Yes, they exist for births, deaths and marriages, but compliance was almost non-existent and a very small number of registrations happened. Thus, the powers that be in Harrisburg decided to stop requiring registration in that period of time. It began again several decades later, 1885 for marriages, and 1893 for births and deaths. Compliance was much more complete at that time.

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1. Pennsylvania State Archives (Lisa Baker)


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As a follow-up to yesterday's email regarding the Cambria County Facebook
page, today there was an announcement about the latest release of
Pennsylvania records on Ancestry. The announcement takes you to the
Pennsylvania State Archives portal .

Go half way down the page, Pennsylvania. I found this to be
the most interesting section.

Start by entering your zip code: (wants a Pennsylvania zip code)
Go to Pennsylvania State Archives (on

Included data collections:
Pennsylvania, Veterans Burial Cards, 1777-1999
Pennsylvania, Births, 1852-1854
Pennsylvania, Land Warrants and Applications, 1733-1952
Pennsylvania, Oyer and Terminer Court Papers, 1757-1787
Pennsylvania, Spanish War Compensation, 1898-1934
Pennsylvania, Naturalizations, 1794-1908
Pennsylvania, War of 1812 Pensions, 1866-1879
Pennsylvania, Land Warrants, 1733-1987
Pennsylvania, Civil War Border Claims, 1868-1879
Pennsylvania, Marriages, 1852-1854
Pennsylvania, Deaths, 1852-1854
Pennsylvania, Records of Marriages, 1885-1889
Pennsylvania, Tax and Exoneration, 1768-1801
Pennsylvania, Septennial Census, 1779-1863
Pennsylvania, WPA Church Archives, 1937-1940
Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950

I live out of state and don't have a paid Ancestry account. Typed in a
family member's zip code.

Took a look and downloaded the Pennsylvania, Births, 1852-1854, for Cambria.
This was typed, suspect it was part of the 1930s WPA program for individuals
still living and born in that time period. Recognized several surnames from
the county.


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