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Subject: [PACAMBRI] Sandyvale Cemetery as Park for cremains and trees
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 23:46:39 -0400 (EDT)

hello's been a long time since i have posted on the list but i
have had a running thought / idea in my mind concerning the Sandyvale
Cemetery....i'm not sure what the city or county have in store for this pretty
much park like setting since most of the grave markers were lost in past
floods.... I have an idea concerning the use of this land and wonder if
anyone knows anyone who can be contacted regarding the use of this property or
thinks the idea could is what i propose.... pa
i would like to be cremated upon my demise and i would like my ashes to be
buried along with a tree in my memory and a plaque placed on the tree when
it becomes mature or placed at the foot of the tree when planted.... if
enough people feel the same way (since i often see in Johnstown obituaries
that a tree was planted in honor of the deceased) then maybe a park could be
made out of the old sandyvale cemetery with benches and walking / biking /
jogging paths along with the trees planted in memory of the deceased ....
eventually there would be a nice sized park with hopefully adult flowering
trees in the Spring overlooking the river and serve another purpose other
than a parking lot of headstones that no one ever visits ....i realize that
someone would have to oversee all of this and someone would have to take
care of it, but there are so few parks other than roxbury park where people
can exercise and why not do it in an area that is recognizing our lost loved
ones .....i would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this idea and if anyone
associated with sandyvale and / or the city of Johnstown who would consider
this idea would post to this rootsweb list and maybe get the ball rolling
on the idea if there is backing on it.... of course those who put their
ashes and tree there would be responsible to pay for that type of burial and
for the tree ..... to me it seems a plausible and pleasing idea.......your
thoughts??..... Joe

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