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Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 19:10:42 -0500
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Looking at the description, and what is NOT said, convinces me that it
is the Sheraton buildings you are looking for. Loch Aerie included more
land, a man-made lake and a really cutting-edge, underground gas plant
that fueled the lights for the interior of the house. I'm sure they
would have mentioned these features. The "stone dwelling and store"
fits the Sheraton buildings well. The "large barn" or the "wagon house"
fits the description of an antique store that is adjacent to the
Sheraton. Also, Loch Aerie was not very old in 1902. I think it was
built in the 1880's. The Sheraton buildings and the antique shop are
quite a bit older.

Esther Ann wrote:

> Hi Wendy,
> Thanks so much. Your probably right on all the info. I was going on
> these news clippings I found at the Chester County Historical Society,
> however in not seeing the property for
> myself I thought all the properties were all one of the same lot as
> you can imagine from the details below. But now in reviewing what I
> have in addition to what you gave me it make more
> sense to me now then it did for me first time around. I'm enclosing
> what I have since your from the area it might prove interesting!
> Thanks for your insight.
> L1.9 1893
> Estate of Washington R. Baker
> Late of East Whiteland township, Chester County, Pa deceased.
> Letter of Administration on the above Estate having been granted to
> the undersigned all persons indebted to the said Estate are requested
> to make payment, and those
> having claims to present the name without delay to Wm. H. Baker glen
> Loch P. O. Chester County,
> Pa. Thomas W. Pierce Attorney
> L 10.1902
> Public Sale of Valuable Real Estate- Will be sold on the premises at
> Glen Loch, Chester conty Pa. on Thursday October 30(thirty),1902 All
> that Messuage and Lot of Land ,
> situated on the Lancaster Pike, belonging to the late W.R. Baker
> containing 4 Acres, more or less. A substanial 3-Story Stone Dwelling
> and Store. House contains 11 large,
> airy rooms, frame kitchen. This house is very convenient, wide hall
> and open stairway, back stairway, cemented cellar, large lawn, plenty
> of fruit. this building is suitable for hotel,
> boarding house, home for aged or children. The store room is 20 feet
> by 32 feet, high ceiling, frame grocery, large rooms in second and
> third stories for use of store, large dry cellar: Large Barn, Wagon
> Houses, Poultry houses, wells and cisterns. This property is 7
> minutes walk from Glen Loch P.R.R. and coaling stations, where 35 men
> are employed. Also, Stone Tenant House
> for two families.
> Property No. 2, fronting on Lancaster pike adjoining above. Large
> Stone Dwelling containing 9 rooms, stone outkitchen, pump, cistern,
> large front and back yard, garden, barn, etc.
> Sale to commence at 2:oclock. Conditions at sale, persons wishing to
> view these properites wil be shown the same by W.H. Baker, Glen Loch.
> U.P. Brown Auc
> Here's the second lot of info that I had,but of course didn't
> understand until you explained there are two different properties????
> L11.30,1953
> The name Glen Loch was derived from the Scotch-a lock or lake in the
> glen. the residence of the late William E. Lockwood, which is located
> near the Post Office and on the Southeastern
> side of the intersection of the above roads, is known as
> Lock-Aerie-from the Scotch- a high and nested lock or lake. This
> house is now the home of Miss Edith E. Lockwood and
> Mrs. Richard H. Reilly, the name of the railroad station was changed
> from Steamboat to Glen Loch in 1872.
> Previous to 1869 there had been another post office at this village.
> In 1819 a post office was established in the Steamboat Tavern and
> named East Whiteland.
> This old tavern is still standing on the northwest corner of the
> crossroads (Rt.30 and jRt.29) In 1830 the name was changed to Frazer
> but it was still continued in the steamboat tavern.
> In 1861 Frazer P.O. was moved a mile and half east to what is now
> known as Frazer Hill, then called Garrett's Siding (now Frazer
> Station) The above mentioned. Mrs. Waldron had
> been postmaster at Frazer for a month (Feb till March) in 1869.
> On April 3rd, 1876 Josiah Chappell was appointed postmaster at Glen
> Loch and kept the office in his store which was in the same building
> that had recently been occupied by Mrs. Waldron.
> Built in 1874
> On September 14th 1885, Washington R. Baker became postmaster and
> moved the post office to the north side of the Lancaster pike where
> his large general store was located
> (now the Glen Lincoln Tavern). This building was built by him in 1874
> and the store was operated by his family for over 50 years.
> With the change of administration in Washington R. Baker lsot the job
> and Johnthan M. Lewis succeeded him on May 14, 1889, However, the post
> office remained in Baker's store. Lewis
> who was a nephew to Baker was a township school director for nine
> years and local butcher with a route in the vicinity. He was also a
> veteran of the Civil War and saw over 3 years of service under
> three enlistments. In 1862 he was wounded at the Battle of Gaines
> Mill and was captured and confined in the Rebel prisons, Libby and
> Bell Island. he was also with his regiment when it
> captured Jeff Davis.
> Moved Office:
> Lewis was succeeded by Miss Annie M. Criley on July 7,1893. she moved
> the post office from Baker's store into the Tower Building along the
> Penna. RR. at Glen Loch Station (these
> buildings were torn down years ago) At this time a new station was
> being built on the south side of the Main Line tracks and when it was
> finished Miss Criley moved the post office into it.
> This new brick and frame station is just over the line in West
> Whiteland Township. The station which is still standing was the home
> of the Glen Lcoh P.O. for the last 60 years and today is one of the
> few post offices still located in a station.
> See I thought it was all on the same premise. When you see the Estate
> Sale I just thought they were talking about the same lot since it had
> so many houses cisterns and the like on it.
> I definitely have to take a run up there very soon to check it all out.
> hmmm what do I need at Home Depot that I can salvage a double duty
> job in my trip??????
> thanks and any other info would be appreciated.
> Esther Fetsko
> Still looking for his brother though, Daniel Baker (my line)who
> married Tamar/Tamor Sharp the sister of Washington R. Baker's wife
> Phoebe nee Sharp.
> Two Baker brothers married two Sharp sister's.
> the Sharp parents (Samuel Sharp and Susanna Evans)are buried at the
> Malvern Cemetary with Washington R. Bakers family. Susanna even lived
> with
> both Baker daughters. with my Tamor and Daniel for over ten years
> (1870-1880) here in Middletown, De.Co. until I guess Daniel died, but
> when Susanna died
> in 1887, her obit lists her as living with her son in law W. R. Baker,
> from Glen Loch and she's buried with her husband in Malvern.
> Of course I lost track of Daniel and Tamar after 1880......No burial
> place nothing.
> I have some of their children, son's of course. I'm down line of their
> oldest son, John Baker, but their daughters to which is probably where
> Tamar went
> I don't know how to find after they married which of course by the
> next available census they were in 1900!
> A big anniversary party is located in the news clippings as well. It
> list tons of names who came to this party. Do you think anyone could
> of used first names so I could figure out
> if they were from my direct line???? Ah no! I know most of them are
> first and second cousins to my Daniel and John Baker but some might
> even be from my direct line.
> L6.29.1905
> Mr. and Mr.s Wm. H. Baker of Glen Loch were delightfully surprised
> upon the twenty fifth anniversary of their marriage . Wednesday
> October 25th by a number of their relatives and
> friends calling upon them.......etc,etc......
> The friends from West Chester were Tracy Bell, Martha Lewis, Annie
> Jardine, May Jardine, sisters of the bride: Mary Hill Jardine,
> Elizabeth Cheyney, Mrs. Brinckley Haley, Mr. and Mrs.
> Enos Baker and Helen Baker, Mrs. Annie E. Essig (who is Tamor's and
> Phobe's sister) aunt of the groom, Lancaster; Mrs. Jacob Gilbert, Jr.
> and H.L. Cooper of Phildadelphia,
> Mr. and Mrs. Austin Yerkes, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Goeble, Mrs. Garrett
> Vallee, Mr.s Warner, White Fox Chase, Pa: Miss Olive Ley of Elzabeth,
> N. J.: Dr. Robert Carey, Mrs. William Carey,
> Miss Sarah Hughes, Miss Annie Criley,(who worked at the post office)
> Miss Sadie Jarvis, Mrs. Mary Miller, William Jardine Baker of Glen
> Loch (grandson) Mrs. Rodgers,
> Mrs. Judson Hughes, Mrs. Matilda, Harper, Phila, Mrs. Eli Harvery, nee
> mary A. Baker, New Yokk City, sister of the groom...
> ,
> On Mar 28, 2005, at 4:55 PM, Wendy McLean wrote:
>> Esther -
>> Several years ago I was involved in the construction of the Home
>> Depot on the site that Alan described. My job was to obtain a
>> Historic Resources Impact Study. I no longer have access to a copy,
>> but my memory is pretty good as to what it contained. I am certain
>> that the mansion Alan refers to was never owned by any
>> Bakers/Evans. It was called Loch Aerie - not Glenloch.
>> However, across the street from Loch Aerie, on the property of the
>> Great Valley Sheraton is another historic structure that I seem to
>> recall was a grocery store, according to the historic marker on the
>> site. In my historic atlas of Chester County, a portion of that lot
>> is labelled as belonging to "W. Baker". A teensy bit to the east
>> there is another parcel labelled "Wash. Baker". These buildings are
>> not as grand as Loch Aerie, but are older and more classically
>> elegant. Loch Aerie is kind of a fantasy gingerbread affair.
>> Loch Aerie was not built for the President of the PA RR either. The
>> man's name who built it was William Lockwood. He had something to do
>> with trains, (locomotives?) as I recall, but was definitely not
>> President of the RR. He owned a great deal of land in the immediate
>> area.
>> The East Whiteland Township Historic Commission should have a copy of
>> the report. There should also be some info about the Sheraton
>> property, which I am pretty sure is the one you should be looking
>> at. No one lives there, but one of the structures is used as a
>> restaurant. The whole complex of buildings is part of the Sheraton.
>> The chair of the Historic Commission is Sylvia BAKER (married name)
>> who may also be able to help you with your family quest.
>> Wendy McLean
>> Esther Ann wrote:
>>> Thank you again Alan,
>>> I still haven't got up there due to the holidays and such but I plan
>>> to this week or of course as soon as the weather permits .
>>> I appreciate your directions as I'm not familar with the area,
>>> although I have been through the area at different times.
>>> It looks like my ggg grandfather Daniel Baker's brother Washington
>>> R. Baker owned and worked there. He had and ran it for at least a
>>> couple of generations, because his son
>>> William H. Baker and then grandson William J Baker also lived and
>>> worked there. Washington R. Baker also ran the post office from his
>>> grocery store until was moved to the RRstation.
>>> It would be remarkable to find someone living there.
>>> I'm also hoping that anyone online knowing of their connection to
>>> this particular line would contact me. These lines are cousins to my
>>> direct line.
>>> Please feel free to contact me. Strong physical traits are their
>>> sandy blond hair and distinctive blue eyes.......
>>> Esther
>>> On Mar 18, 2005, at 3:38 PM, A R Townsend wrote:
>>>> Esther,
>>>> I am not familiar with your BAKER/EVANS family or the much of the
>>>> history involving Glenloch Estate.
>>>> We used to call it Glenloch Mansion and all I was told about it by
>>>> my family, was that it was originally built for the President of
>>>> the Pennsylvania RR. Fact or fiction? It is still occupied today, I
>>>> believe. It cannot be accessed from Lancaster Pike (Rt. 30),
>>>> although it is/was visible (@ 50 yards back) from Rt. 30 if you are
>>>> heading East.
>>>> To get to Glenloch from Rt.352/ Rt.30 intersection, turn left
>>>> (West) on Rt.30 and go to the third traffic light(I believe), at
>>>> which the only turn you can make is left, do so, onto Phoenixville
>>>> Pike. There is a Home Depot on the right, bear right staying on
>>>> Phoenixville Pike and enter the rear entrance to Home Depot. As
>>>> soon as possible go to the far left side of this parking lot and
>>>> you should see the Mansion or the entrance to the Mansion.
>>>> Remember, I believe this is still a private property.
>>>> If you follow Phoenixville Pike further south (right turn out of
>>>> Home Depot) you will cross under two(2) RR underpasses and
>>>> immediately on the left after the second underpass is the old
>>>> Glenloch RR station building. I believe it has been converted to a
>>>> residence, not sure. My guess would be that somewhere near there
>>>> may have been the Glenloch P.O. bldg.. No one that I am aware of
>>>> has direct knowledge of it's location.
>>>> Any further questions please ask.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Alan R. Townsend
>>>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Esther Ann" <>
>>>> To: <>
>>>> Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 2:11 PM
>>>>> HI List,
>>>>> Happy Belated St. Patty's Day to all!
>>>>> Is there anyone on the list that is from or knows of the Glen Loch
>>>>> Estate in Malvern (East Whiteland) area that can direct me from
>>>>> Middletown, Pa?
>>>>> I was up that way at the Malvern Cemetery and library. I wasn't
>>>>> sure what direction to go to hit the Estate and as we were later
>>>>> then expected my mother and I thought
>>>>> we would leave it for another day.
>>>>> Looking on a map, I can't see where it is from by the way I use to
>>>>> get onto Lancaster Ave(Rt.30) by Rt#352. I can see its off of
>>>>> Lancaster Pike and
>>>>> near what looks like Rt#29, however, when I use Map Quest it takes
>>>>> me to a Glen Loch Way, which is a development I think. I want to
>>>>> get to the
>>>>> actual old Estate of Glen Loch.................Is it still there
>>>>> and what if anyone knows what would the name of the street be
>>>>> that its on. Maybe I can check out
>>>>> Map Quest once I know that!!! lol
>>>>> One of my branch lines, Washington R. Baker, postmaster of Glen
>>>>> Loch and Phoebe Sharp Baker, his wife use to own it and handed
>>>>> down to their son
>>>>> William H. Baker and then the grand son William J. Baker. I would
>>>>> love to see it.
>>>>> Washington R. Baker was the brother of my Daniel Baker and his
>>>>> wife Phoebe was the sister to my Tamar Sharp Baker. As it looks
>>>>> two Baker Brother's married two Sharp sister's.
>>>>> The girls Phoebe and Tamar Sharp as well as their other sister's
>>>>> Abigail Yarnall and Annie Essig's mother was Susanna Evan's!
>>>>> Does anyone have anything by any chance on Evan's family from that
>>>>> area. When I went to the Library they had ton's on a
>>>>> David Evan's a Quaker who actual was pretty much established in
>>>>> those parts! lol
>>>>> Wonder if Susanna's father was David Evan's................Since
>>>>> coincidently they are buried at the cemetery that David Evan's did
>>>>> founded in Malvern!
>>>>> Anyone familar with this crew?
>>>>> Love to hear from you. Esther
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