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Dear Doris:

A number of years ago I tried to look into that family. Hannah Herring
Sterling fits into my family. She is sister to my 3rd gr grandfather,
George Herring. You can imagine my excitement at reading your e-mail today.

I know nothing of Hannah and Simon Sterling's children - just initials from
a census reading. I'm sending you an exerpt from some of my notes on Hannah
and her family. They were German, so it doesnt help in your quest for Irish
or Scottish roots. However, I have a friend who has a book on the Sterling
Geneology. My friend is from the Titusville area and is included but there
was no Simon Sterling listed. If you have any other names, I think she
would be happy to do a look-up for you.

Doris - I would LOVE to share more information with you if there is
something more you may be interested in. I would enjoy reading the article
and learning more about their family.

Thanks and good luck!!


> From: doris a. saeger <>
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> Subject: Sterling Family
> Date: Saturday, March 21, 1998 6:07 PM
> I have an article from the Titusville Hearld dated 1958. In it is an
> article on Conrad H. Sterling who is related to my maternal
> grandmother's side of the family. He was borm May 3, 1825 to a Simon
> and Hannah Herring Sterling. He is Scotch-Irish descent. Conrad lived
> in Cherrytree Township. He married a Catherine Boals. They had 4
> children, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Feely, Mrs. Lusetta Ann Anderson, Hugh
> Nelson Sterling and Elnetta Sterling. Hugh Nelson Sterling Married Ida
> M. Mallory of Cherrytree Township. Hugh and Ida Mallory were my
> mother's grandparents. I have quite a bit of information in this
> article and am interested if anyone out there has anymore details about
> this family. Will be willing to share anything that I have. Would like
> to eventually find out what part of Ireland or Scotland this family was
> from.
> Doris
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Hering, Ludwig // "Lewis" =20

Ludwig (Lewis) Hering IIAnna Maria Brach
born: January 26, 1761born: April 14, 1761
died: September 23, 1836died: August 30, 1846
Ludwig is our ancestor who brought the Herrings to the western part of =
Pennsylvania. It was also with him that the name changed from Horing to =
Hering. In the next generation, the name would come to be spelled with =
two r's. He was born in Douglass Township., Montgomery Co., PA in 1761, =
the son of Ludwig and Christina Braunschweig Horing, immigrants from =
Mrs. Arlene Doty of Goleta, California has found that Ludwig was =
baptized on March 15, 1761 in the Falckner Swamp Lutheran Church at New =
Hanover and confirmed on May 20, 1776. In 1776 he moved with his father =
to what is now West Brunswick Township., Schuylkill County. It was there =
that, at the age of 15, he joined the Berks County Militia as a 2nd =
Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. He served until 1778.=20
In A History and Genealogy of The Herring-Hering-Haring Family of =
Pennsylvania, Calvin Adam Herring points out that Ludwig succeeded his =
father as innkeeper in present Deer Lake village in Schuylkill County, =
where he is listed in 1790 and 1800 census. The inn was called the =
"Brunswick Tavern." The building still stands, without windows and =
doors, on Route 61. This route's predecessor was one of the few early =
roads of Pennsylvania, fanning out from Philadelphia. It is presently =
owned by Mr. Paul Boltz, whose grandmother had also owned it. I spoke =
him about the place and he plans to make repairs to keep it from =
completely falling apart. He also mentioned that the staircase and =
fireplaces have been stolen. Evidently, there is a legend involving =
ghosts of Indians killed there. Maybe that's why the building is falling =
He married Anna Maria Brach on April 6, 1783 in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill =
Co., PA. (Nothing is known of her family). They had nine children, all =
of whom were apparently born in West Brunswick Township., Schuylkill Co. =
between the years of 1784 and 1805.

Children of Ludwig and Anna Maria Brach Hering:

name birthdate deathdate=09
1. Christina HerringJanuary 2, 17841855
2. Henry HerringJanuary 12, 1786=09
3. Catharine HeringSeptember 29, 1788June 18, 1849
4. Sophia HeringSeptember 18, 1790April 10, 1869
5. Daniel HerringOctober 13, 1792=09
6. Ludwig (Lewis) Hering IIINovember 14, 1794=09
7. Hannah HerringOctober 24, 1798=09
8. Samuel HerringMarch 28, 18021850
9. George HerringJanuary 1, 1805January 12, 1866

Before 1810, Ludwig and Anna Maria migrated with their family to =
Venango County. Migration to western Pennsylvania was at this time just =
beginning. In fact it was in the first decade of the nineteenth century =
that roads were built connecting the areas of Crawford, Venango, Warren =
Counties to the East. The County was by and large, however, sparsely =
populated. The 1810 census shows the family living in Sugar Creek =
Township with seven of his children. Two of his daughters were already =
married, also living in Venango County. In 1820 and 1830, he is located =
in Plum Township.
Possibly a broad assumption can be made that the family spoke German. =
I've been told that entries made in the family Bible were in German.
At the age of 76, Lewis passed away on September 23, 1836. The 1840 =
census shows his widow living with her daughter Hannah (Mrs. Simon =
Sterling) in Plum Township, Venango County. She is recorded as receiving =
a Revolutionary War Veteran's pension. Anna Maria died August 30, 1846, =
aged 85 years. They are both buried at the Dempsey Cemetery, Oakland =
Township., Venango Co., PA. The inscription on their stones reads =


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