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Subject: [PACRAWFO-L] Woodlawn Cemetery
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 22:14:33 EST

Hi Everybody:

Was reading this tonight in "Trolley Car Days" written in 1959, by Attorney
Charles B. Stegner of Titusville, Pa. and thought some of you would enjoy.

Woodlawn Cemetery, just one even measured mile from Titusville's four
corners, was never just another cemetery. For at least the first three
decades of this century it was the favorite walk and favorite park for
Titusville's citizens. Even the coming of the street car in the late 90's did
not lessen the number of people who made an afternoon walk to the cemetery
part of their regular Sunday ritual.
To begin with, the cemetery had a very beautiful natural setting. It was
a virgin piece of woodland, oaks, maples and pines predominating, with a
sparkling stream flowing through the center. It was the favorite avocation of
the late R.D. Fletcher. He visited it almost daily and could always be seen
on a Sunday afternoon sitting on one of the benches in the cemetery. Mr.
Fletcher was one of the first to introduce the various kinds of flowering
shrubs in Titusville and the cemetery was dotted with lilacs, hydrangeas, mock
oranges, azaleas, rose of Sharon and the various spireas and other shrubs that
bloomed from early spring to fall. In the fall of the year particularly there
would be a parade past my front porch of people who had visited the cemetery
and had received a bouquet of hydrangeas personallly from Mr. Fletcher.
The bird life in the cemetery was also a great attraction, especially for
the children. The natural stream was dammed and widened in several places
forming pools, and Mr. Fletcher graced the stream with black and white swans.
Egyptian cranes and Mandarin ducks. A glass house was provided for the birds
in the wintertime.
The cemetery has always been interesting from an historical standpoint.
Most of the pioneer families connected with the oil excitement are buried
there; Drake, Watson, Barnsdall, Abbott, McKelvey, Emerson, McKinney, Carter,
Fertig, Hampton, Payne, Emery, Tarr, Tarbell, Archbold, Stegner and many

Hope you enjoyed.

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