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I hope that this can help someone!! Not sure if all my information is right. if not would appreciate corrections!!

John SUTTON born abt. 1680 Of Frankfort, Philadelphia, Pa.
died Jan 1722 Frankford Twp., Philadelphia, Pa. buried: Oxford, Philadelphia, Pa.
Married abt. 1705 to Parnella ____________. She was born abt. 1684 Of Frankford, Philadelphia, PA. died: 1743 Oxford Twp., Philadelphia, Pa.
1.John SUTTON b. 27 May 1711 Coleman Parish, London England St. Katherine
died: aft Aug. 1743 married abt. 1731 Sarah ______.
2. Luke SUTTON b. abt. 1708
christened: 9 June 1713 died: aft Aug. 1743.
3. Elizabeth SUTTON b. abt. 1710
4. Oswin SUTTON b. abt 1712 married abt. 1737 Elizabeth ___________.
5. William SUTTON b. abt. 1716.
6. Mary SUTTON b. abt. 1718 married Mr. HARPER.
7. Thomas Coates SUTTON b. 1720 died Dec. 1803 Pittsgrove Salem, New Jersey. married abt. 1737 ???

THOMAS COATES SUTTON b. 1720 died Dec. 1803
his children:
1. Thomas SUTTON (ABBOTT) b. abt 1738 Deptford, Gloucester, New Jersey d.bef. 1816 Pa married Edith ABBOTT or ABIT 1770.
2. Pennell SUTTON b. abt 1752 Deptford, Gloucester, N.J.
died aft: 1816 Married Richard MEAD 29 Aug. 1772 Salem, N.J.
3. James SUTTON PETERSON b. 1746 Nr Red Bank, Gloucester, N.J.
died: 16 Feb. 1837 Greenwood, Twp., Crawford Co., Pa.
buried 18 Feb. 1837 Peterson Farm, Greenwood Twp., Pa.
married Elizabeth ABIT or ABBOTT 8 July 1813, Washington, Pa.
4. Thomas SUTTON b. 1738 N.J. died: bef Sept 1816 married Edith ABBIT.
5. Jacob SUTTON b. 1740 Deptford, Gloucester, N.J. died: 26 june 1778 Long Island. Married abt. 1774 Salen, N. J. to Mary ABBIT.
6. John SUTTON b. 1742 Deptford, Gloucester, N.J. died: 1803/1816 Geneva, Crawford Co., Pa. buried Geneva, Crawford Co., Pa. married abt 1767 Salem, N.J. to ??
7. Joseph SUTTON b. 1744 Deptford, Gloucester, N.J. died: 1819 Pittsgrove, Salem, N.J. married 25 Feb. 1773 to Margaret TANVER.
8. Moses SUTTON b. 1748 Deptford, Gloucester, N.J. married 16 April 1776 Deerfield Cumberland N.J. to Rachel GARRISON.
9. Mary SUTTON b. 1750 Deptf., Glouc., N.J. married Eber CROASDALE.
10. Parnell SUTTON b. 1752 N.J. married 29 Aug. 1772 Richard MEAD.
11. Margaret SUTTON b. 1754 N.J.

1. Ruth Elizabeth PETERSON b. 1796?? Pike Run Twp., Washington Pa.
died: Jan 1839 Near Rushville, Schuyler, ILL.
married: John THOMPSON Crawford, Co., Pa.
2. Uriah SUTTON b. abt 1771 Pittsgrove, Salem N.J.
died Bef 1870 Greenwood, Crawford Co., Pa. married Sarah VOTAW.
3. Anna PETERSON b. 2 Nov. 1778 Pittsgrove, Salem, N.J. died: 7 Oct. 1870 Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA.
buried Greenwood Memorial.
married Joseph THATCHER.
4. Sarah PETERSON b. 1 July 1773 Pittsgrove, Salem., N.J. died 23 March 1842 Fairfield, Columbiana, Ohio married Joseph WOODS.
5. Rhoda SUTTON died Crawford Co., PA. married Abraham SUTTON.
6. James PETERSON b. 1784 Pittsgrove, Salem N.J. died: Feb. 1822 Greenwood, crawford Co., PA. married Bridget HARKINS.
7. Amos PETERSON b. 1786 Pike Run, Washington, Pa. died: 15 Jan. 1840 Greenwood, Crawford Co., Pa. buried Peterson Cemetery Greenwood Twp., Crawford Co., Pa. married Nancy SUTTON.
8. Mary Elizabeth PETERSON (SUTTON) b. 1788 Washington, Pa. died: Brown, Ill. Married 1810 Pa., William THOMPSON.
9. Ezra PETERSON b. 13 Dec. 1794 Pike Run Twp.,Washington, Pa. died: 13 June 1854 Greenwood Crawford Co., PA. Buried Old Geneva Methodist, Crawford Co.,PA. married Mary MCFADDEN 8 July 1813 Crawford Co., Pa.
10. John Townsend PETERSON b. 15 Dec 1791 Pike Rune Twp., Washington Co., pa. died: 8 May 1881 Fairfield, Crawford Co., PA. buried 1881 Peterson Cemetery, Crawford Co., PA. married Rosannah MC FADDEN Crawford Co., PA.
11. Elizabeth PETERSON b. 24 Sept 1790 Washington, PA. died: 24 May 1844 Crawford Co., PA. buried Ward Farm Cemetery Crawford Co., PA.
married George Washington WRIGHT, Crawford Co., PA.

possibly others

1.Elias PETERSON b. 19 Oct. 1817 Greenwood Crawford Co., PA. died: 28 Aug. 1894

Amos married 2nd to Sarah TAYLOR 18 Feb 1819 Crawford Co., PA. she was the daughter of Jonathan TAYLOR and Elizabeth WILLIAMS.

1. Levi PETERSON b. 1820 Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA. died: 9 Jan 1899 Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA. buried Greenwood memorial Crawford Co., Pa. married Almira IRELAND Crawford Co., PA.
2. Augustus PETERSON b. 10 Sept. 1819 Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA. died 5 Jan. 1890 Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA. married Priscilla SMOCK.
3. Abigail PETERSON b. abt. 1828 Crawford Co., Pa.
4. James PETERSON b. Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA. died 21 Nov 1908 West Andover, Ashtabula Co., Ohio married Eliza PETERSON.
5. Mary PETERSON b. Greenwood , Crawford Co., PA.
John Amberson PETERSON b. 1835 Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA. died 21 June 1902 Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA. married 1st: Elizabeth BAILEY 16 Dec. 1852 Greenwood, Crawford Co., Pa. married 2nd: Hannah ____________.

6. John SUTTON b. 1742 Deptford, Gloucester, N.J.
died: 1803/1816 Geneva, Crawford Co., Pa.
married: ???
1. John SUTTON b. abt. 1765 Pittsgrove, Salem, N.J.
died: 1842 Geneva, Crawford Co., PA.
married Anna GARRISON abt. 1790 N.J.
John and Anna had 7 children:
their 7th child Nancy SUTTON married AMOS PETERSON ( see above)
Nancy was born 1798 died 19 Oct. 1817 Greenwood Crawford Co., PA.

John SUTTON and Anna GARRISON had a son John SUTTON b. 16 May 1799 died 12 July 1877 married abt. 1823 to Anna TRACE.
John and Anna TRACE SUTTON had 12 children:
their daughter: Cordelia (Delia) SUTTON b. 21 Nov. 1845 Greewood, Craw., Pa. died 12 July 1869 Craw., Pa., married Van Buren SMITH 8 Sept 1863 Crawford Co., Pa.
Van Buren SMITH was the son of Jeremiah SMITH and Kate RITENOEUR.
Jeremiah SMITH and Kate RITENOEUR had a daughter Clarissa Ursula SMITH b. 1848 Crawford Co., Pa. died 16 Jan 1922.
She married Lewis Cass WAID 4 July 1866 and they had 9 children:
Howard, Rosemond, Victor, Archie, Carrie, Myrta, Iva and Raymond.

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